GoDaddy and Verisign Running A Presidential Election TV Campaign (video)

GoDaddy and Verisign will be running a new presidential election TV campaign through the U.S. Election Day on November 8.

Two different TV commercials were produced by GoDaddy’s own in-house team in mid-September. The spots poke fun at a range of political clichés with over-the-top images. Thanks to special effects, the campaign features the GoDaddy logo in the starring role. The new TV ad airs on CNN during pre-debate coverage and also on CBS and FOX News during post-debate coverage Monday. The follow-up TV commercial is slated to air adjacent to the second presidential debate, next month.


The TV ad urges America to “give that HUGE idea of yours a piece of the online American Dream” and register a .com domain at GoDaddy and then build a website.


GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) is using humor to punctuate its marketing message in front of a huge television audience. The new GoDaddy marketing takes aim at presidential politics in an advertising campaign debuting Monday in connection with live debate coverage, which some suggest may draw an audience in excess of 80-million viewers.

godaddy01dThe 2 TV ads come in addition to other digital marketing content.

“We know humor works here in the U.S., and we’re going to have some fun this election season with a marketing campaign that turns the spotlight away from the candidates and shifts it onto the people … the people who have awesome ideas and want to bring them to life online,” said GoDaddy CMO Barb Rechterman. “Safe to say this has been an outrageously unusual election cycle, why not tap into this unprecedented political audience of epic proportions? Our commercial, in the context of the televised debate, is intended to provide comic relief, while speaking to what GoDaddy does to help people break through online.”

godaddy01cThe campaign is co-sponsored by Verisign, the .COM registry.

Watch the first of the 2 ads here:

This is the transcript of the video:

My fellow Americans, in this election.. GoDaddy’s record is very clear. When it comes to getting a domain name, or building an awesome website, there is no other candidate that’s more affordable, or worthy of your hard earned trust!
So C’mon America, give that HUGE idea of yours a piece of the online American Dream TODAY with GoDaddy,
Get your dot com domain for just ninety nine cents for the first year at!


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