.Games Domain Names Launch Tomorrow

.Games domain names launch tomorrow, September 14, entering the Early Access Period (EAP).

Early Access Period prices at Name.com start at $11,000 for EAP stage 1 and come down to $135 for EAP stage 5. These prices don’t include the domain name registration fee.

.Games domains enter general availability on the 21st of September. The non-premium domain registration fee is $14.99.

Here are a few fast facts shared by Rightside, the .games registry:

Meanwhile Rightside is releasing thousands of 2-character domain names (including .games domains) tomorrow also in Early Access Period (EAP) for a week.

You can see the New gTLD 2016 calendar here. The calendar features all the new domain extensions launching this year.



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  1. Then comes the debate about whether .Games or .Game is better by way of if people search more for singular or plural. I’m not sure if I’ll get a .Games, but I know a few people that are hardcore gamers that probably will. For some reason, I sense a wave of those templated turn-key online game sites popping up everywhere again. lol

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