Using Domains to Build and Expand Your Business (video)

In this video Joe Styler, product manager for the aftermarket at GoDaddy, talks with Luke Webster, CEO and founder of The Grooming Network (TGN), about the shaving businesses he runs, and how he has used domains as part of an overall strategy to make his businesses successful.

The Grooming Network owns other domain names such as The Shave Network,,, as well as hundreds of other razor domain names. The latest acquisition of the TGN company was just 2 weeks ago.

Joe Styler recentrly wrote a very interesting article about TGN: “The Grooming Network: Changing the way the world shaves“.

The video titled “Using Domains to Build and Expand Your Business” covers how to use domains to build and expand a successful business:


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  1. Thanks for covering this. It was great to have Luke on the show today to share about how he uses domains to build businesses online.

  2. Enjoyed the video, Luke was a great guest as he was on the Sherpa show.
    Speaking of the Sherpa show, sounds like GoDaddy is going to give Michael Cyger a run for his money with a talk show of their own.

    Thanks for posting the video Konstantinos.

  3. Anyone know what software Luke is using for all these smaller microsites to populate the inventory? Tried to see if was a Godaddy ecommerce solution, but the ecommerce section 404’s in my Godaddy region. I guess it’s API based, but would be could if it was a built-in thing, and not a seperate module/service.

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