Uniregistry Releases Android App

Uniregistry released today the much anticipated Android app. The app lets you register, renew, manage and transfer domains in your Uniregistry account using your mobile phone.

The app is now available on Google Play.

Here is how Uniregistry describes the new app:

“We can’t always be in front of our computers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a bite-sized version of Uniregistry to go? It’s here, it’s beautiful, and it’s totally available for Android. We suggest you grab it pronto, it’s pretty special.

Losing your phone is always a possibility. Would you really want to risk losing your domain portfolios as well?
All Uniregistry accounts can have two-step verification enabled. Double the security, double the peace of mind, double the protection.

Search by price, availability, extension, or just search premiums. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it.
Filter the wheat from the chaff, and do it all while wandering to get your next coffee. Who said domaining had to be difficult?

You’re with Uniregistry. Easily access your payment profile right there in the app, add a few more, sort out your renewals, and of course quickly register new domains.
It’s all right here.

If you can do it on the web, you should be able to do it while walking down the street, and as easily as riding a bike.
Forward, renew, add name servers, change privacy settings, remove name servers? heck, add an MX record over breakfast. Do it all here.
Everything you need is included.”



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  1. Amazing app. Really professional style. Virtual fist bump to their team for getting the feel same as the web

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