Non-COM Search Engine Launches At

Newgle just launched and is touted as “The non-COM search engine.”. Newgle allows you to search the web with only the New gTLDs in the results.

The creators claim they built Newgle to show how websites on legacy TLDs (.COM, .NET, and .ORG) and ccTLDs are so “1990s and early 2000s”.

You won’t find any .COMs here, only new gTLDs.

The Newgle website is located on a .xyz domain name: The domain name was registered yesterday the 30th of March, 2016 and is behind whois privacy.

Of course Newgle is just using the Google custom search feature and is not a search engine built from scratch.

A casual search for the term “sex” revealed that apparently accountants love sex! On the first search page 7 out of 10 results are for websites using a .accountant domain name. Other new extensions found on the first page are .news, .adult and .academy.



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  1. Still powered by google.COM though 😉

    • It’s still powered by Google, yes… and interesting to see which new gTLDs rank if you take out all of the .COM, .Net, .Org, etc……

  2. So it’s a spam search engine?

  3. Probably one of those ideas that’s going to backfire. Tried a few searches and hahaha, what a mess.

  4. I am currently looking for a female accountant to help me sort through my New G renewals.

  5. What a fail… 😛 Every time I searched something, it showed .com ads in the search engines… 😀

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