The New Uniregistry Market Will Replace

Uniregistry launched the new Uniregistry Market today. This starts a process where eventually will be replaced by the Uniregistry Market.

In order to sign up you have to log into your Uniregistry account, click on “Market” and accept the new terms.

DomainNameSales is evolving into Uniregistry Market. Uniregistry Market claims to offer you powerful tools that save you time:

Same solid foundation as DomainNameSales, faster tools, instant insights, and an up-to-date modern user experience.  We think you’re going to love it. The best bit… we’re just getting started.

Once you accept the Uniregistry Market terms you will be asked to link your DomainNameSales account. If you have a DomainNameSales account, enter your login there and you will get instant access to your existing domains and settings.

Any changes you make or inquiries you receive will be reflected across both platforms. But the plan is that once matured Uniregistry Market will replace DomainNameSales.


The easiest way to buy & sell domains

Our specialized tools make buying, selling and transacting a breeze. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we assure you, you’ve never had tools as easy as this.

The best domain negotiation platform on the planet

We close the information gap. Sellers get historical figures and up to date appraisals, and buyers get everything they need to make an informed purchase.

Did we mention it’s free?

Jump right in. Buyers and sellers may negotiate directly free of charge. Have as many conversations as you want.


Seamless setup
If you already have a DNS account, simply log in to Uniregistry and link to it. This will give you access to all your inquiries right there in the Market. Like we said – seamless setup.

One inquiry or a million, tools that scale
Managing a portfolio shouldn’t be challenging. We give you a complete platform capable of selling from the largest portfolios on the planet. So whether you have a single domain or thousands, you’ll never be lost with us.

Sell your way
List them for sale, mark them for offer only, or just plain ol’ park them to watch the revenue roll in – we don’t dictate
how you use your domains. We do, however, give you a complete set of tools so that whatever you decide to do can be done.

Instant completion
Your domains really are more valuable with us. Domains that live at Uniregistry with a “buy it now” price are eligible for instant checkout through our Registrar. Once added to the market, anyone can find your domains with a simple search from our homepage – checkout is instant and easy.

An inbox for everything
Manage all your sales inquiries with ease using a sales inbox designed specifically for the process of selling domains.  Reply, set reminders, quote prices, and do it all from a single interface. Act on individual requests or use our powerful bulk tools to manage everything in an instant.

Checkout for all
Accept the deal, send the checkout link, then kick back and relax. We’ve built our Secure Exchange technology into the Market – that means we take care of everything from the time you say ‘It’s a deal’ to the time the funds are received into your account. Complete sales with ease.

Did we mention that we’ll even help you out with credit card payments, wire transfers, and payment plans? We want you to sell your domains as much as you do.

Welcome to the future of domain name sales.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Does someone know how to remove the “Uniregistry Affiliate Ad” that appears on parked pages? (ex. on

  2. Pretty cool I just did it. Will be switching over other names from other registrars this year.
    Can’t beat it really cool and easy to use.


  3. Uniregistry tool looks good to me. I am currently using to park my domains.

  4. So, one needs to have two accounts,ie, Uniregistry and DNS. Correct me if I am wrong. That’s inconvenient for the new customers. Why 2 instead of 1? Uniregistry account alone should work for the aftermarket sales at DNS.

  5. The site is very impressive. Fantastic background photo images constantly displayed with new images. Just enjoy looking at beautiful photos and admire every page.

    It’s the best website design I ever seen, compared with other domain registrars. Very easy to use.

    It’s better than Sedo, because we can list domains buy it now over $10000. Sedo listing is only limit to $10000 max, unless you pay the valuation fees to evaluate the names.

    It’s better than Godaddy too, because Uniregistry provides payment with wire transfer service on any amount ( I assume), whereas GD doesn’t provide wire transfer service outside US, unless the payment is more than $10000.

    Easy to use in mobile app.

    So, I am going to list and sell all names in Uniregistry, out of Sedo and GoDaddy.

  6. Konsta, No sponsor links display on Domain Inquiry Page. You can view visiting any one of domain parked

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