8 Reasons Why A Domain Name Is Priced So Expensive

gtldsWhen the quoted price for a domain name seems very high then there are a few things that might be happening and you might want to consider:

  1. The seller could be crazy!
  2. You as a buyer have no idea how much domain names are worth or sold for.
  3. The domain name you want has some other usage or a meaning that you don’t know.
  4. Other similar domains are being sold for similar prices.
  5. The buyer paid a lot to buy the domain and doesn’t want to sell cheap.
  6. The buyer doesn’t want to sell!
  7. The buyer doesn’t want to sell to YOU.
  8. The domain name is expensive. PERIOD!

You might have noticed that I am talking about domain names that are “priced” so expensive and not necessarily about sold domains. That is because some people don’t want to sell. They just give out a price to scare people away.

Now… Number 7 is not so simple. Domain investors buy domains to resell. Sometimes they buy domain names that only have a few potential buyers and even fewer with deep pockets.

Let’s say you buy the domain name John.com. Hundreds of people named John will inquire about the domain. But the seller doesn’t want to sell the domain for $5,000 to a random John.

The seller is waiting for a famous John, or a company named “John” or with a “John” product coming out, to buy the domain name and pay a couple of million.

But most often that not these people named John will be insulted when quoted with the price. But they shouldn’t. It is nothing personal. The buyer simply wants to get top dollar for what he/she owns.

It is at that point when the “squatter” accusations start flying from people that know nothing about how the internet works. This is not squatting. This is ownership. If I had a rare car from the 1920’s and asking for a million would you call me a squatter?

Read here about me and my book squatting.

(This article is mostly targeted to “end users” and not domain investors.)


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Best feeling in the world is when some lowballer tells you your name is to expensive, and a few months later it sells for more than you offered it to them for.

    Happend many times to me this year, keep saying no, if you are not happy with the deal.

    Same with these garbage chips, I sold a batch of 10 crappy letters to some guy in China Q Z X J I had no use for for $27,500 in one transaction, next day payment via escrow, what a beautiful thing. They sell for about $1900 now, but letters sat without offers for many years.

  2. those so called crappy 4 L Domains I bought dirt cheap 5 yrs ago at $10 a piece or $30 for 5 4L domains are paying off.
    Got offers as high as $$$$$ but I can wait.

  3. Great sale. Now you have to celebrate at a Chinese Restaurant and drink some Tsingtao Beer. 🙂

  4. well domains typically cost $50 so I’m not sure where you are getting this crazy number from


    i’m sure we all have stories. i had a $400 offer from one guy, turned it down and the following week sold the domain for $10k to someone else.

  5. I agree with number 1.
    I tried to buy the names I want. The prices are ridiculously crazily high.

    Domainers are greedily crazy. They buy one for a dollar. Then sell it for a thousand times. That’s why I don’t like them. They are ripper offer.

    • Who buys domains for a dollar? Or even 10 dollars. Probably you don’t know the market value.
      Or maybe you mean the guy that bought sex.com in 1995 and sold if for 10 million.
      Things including domains are worth what they are worth now. Try buying a Picasso from the guy that bought the painting from Picasso when he was a complete unknown.

      Prices might be high for you. What about if the buyer is a big company? Maybe you need to thing about it. And why do you want to buy the domain? To make money of its potential and therefore value?

      • I mean domainers multiply or markup thousands of times on the sell. U know what I mean. On the on the other hand I wouldn’t mind at all if a I just my domain for 10 and sell for 1,000.

        Any way I was joking about me hate domainers. I am one myself. I like to make most of my domains as anyone eIse. I like the domain business that there is one domain on the Internet. Only one sex.com.
        Maybe in the future the Internet splits. There maybe two or three or more world webs. Than if u own sex.com, some other guys also own sex.com. Oh boy, u no longer control the price of what you’ll be selling. I’m just thinking something crazy, doesn’t make sense.

      • If a billion dollar company want my domain, I’m for sure I will not settle for less. Even though I only invested a few dollars. That’s just my opinion.

      • I agree nothing is cheap. Even if you only invested $12 dollars for such name; if the buyer is a billion dollar company. Then, make the most of your investment. Just my opinion.

      • I have bought domain names for a dollars. These crazy high prices are a scam.

  6. Liked 1 to 8 comprehensive list 🙂

    Good Argument, Thanks for a good reading.

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