1,288,029 New gTLD Domains Were Registered In November

newgtldHere are some interesting stats about the domain name industry in general and about new domain names that Donuts, the largest registry in terms of number of extensions, shared in their newsletter.

Industry And Donuts Growth:

  • Total new domain names registered through 11/27/15: 10.3 million
  • 1,288,029 of these were new not-com registrations in November, marking a record for new gTLD registration in one month.
  • Total not-com registrations have grown by 263 percent since 1/1/15
  • Total new registrations across Donuts domain names through 11/27/15: 1.52 million
  • Number of new not-com domain name options: 795
  • New not-com domain options currently available to the general public: 411
  • New not-com domain options available, through Donuts, to the general public: 183

This number (1,288,029) includes a lot of new .xyz domain name registrations and a run on numeric .Club domain names.


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