Domain Names I Bought In The First Half Of 2015

newgtldAfter I published my published my New gTLD purchases and announced that I had invested $50,000 in New gTLD domain names some people questioned my dedication to the New gTLDs.

That was because my buying spree slowed down in early 2015. I thoroughly explained why that happened here. In short this was because I am looking for the best deals. Not just the best domains. It has to be a combination of both.

I don’t buy tens of $10 domains just because they cost $10 and I don’t buy premium renewal $1,000 domains just because they are good.

So because in the first 5 months of 2014 I was really busy, I didn’t have time. And because I didn’t have any time, I couldn’t research all domains and found the best domains. This is a bit of what happened to me in the past 10 days because of all the bank problems in Greece. I missed some good deals these past 10 days.

Anyway after buying just 5 New gTLD domains in the first 3 months of 2015, I bought 11 in April and May and then 40 in June.

I bought 8 .poker, 10 .gallery and 15 .media. Remember that I sold a .media and a .agency so it was only natural to hit them hard the second time around.

Here are a few of the domains that I bought:
EXTREME.POKER (I plan to develop the pair)

To see and search all New gTLD sales please visit Sold.Domains.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Konstantinos is the last Greek who has money. Time to leave the chaos whilst you can and move to a tax haven.

    • I have made plans for it. I have already made a couple crucial moves.

      There are still Greeks with money in and (mostly) out of Greece.

    • Konstantinos and Theo and the rest are not paying taxes and have lots of money to buy gtlds. (I plan to develop the pair)

      so when you type in the domain, I BET YOU TYPE IN THE DOT COM….

      • I am paying about $30k in taxes per year. I have had enough. I will not pay so the public sector will have a blast and still have a deficit. I will move my company to another country.


      • I think you should pay in the country in which you live and do business.

      • I will still pay some taxes. But I will not pay 29% instead of 12% so they can hire 2000 people for the public tv and radio. If they were building roads or software I would.

      • Your countrymen need you.

      • “I will still pay some taxes. But I will not pay 29% instead of 12% ”

        I am replying here because I can’t do it in your last post, just to say do not come in Italy, because you should pay 45% in taxes…

        Let we know were you will establish your company, thank you!

      • 😉 I was not coming to Italy!

      • I live and work in the US, fuckface. My taxes are probably bigger than your earnings. You’ve been harassing Konstantinos about Greece for too long now. Αντε γαμήσου κιτρινιάρη.

      • Are you addressing me? I don’t deserve that.For one, I only post friendly comments on Konstantino’s blog – ask him! As far as my opinion, I think I am still in a majority who have the maximum taken out of their paycheck. I would pay the most I could pay, instead of register a business in Las Vegas, or Wyoming, or Delaware. Don’t make us feel ashamed over trying to do the right thing, instead of be so sophisticated to exploit all the loop holes.

      • Nope. That was for BullS. He’s a complete jerk.

  2. Over the weekend I registered: Internet.Domains…….I have been tap dancing with cowboy boots on a table ever since……..

  3. @ Konstantinos, I like your new gTLD registrations! Good thing you posted them here, to assert ownership, so they are less likely to get stolen. It seems good ones might disappear from your account.

      • You hand-registered them, right?

      • These were EAP and GA backorders. You said these might get stolen. Why?

      • Early Access Program and General Availability – had to look those up! I guess the ones under Early Access wouldn’t apply. I mean, you have some creative ones. Sometimes the Registry has, in the past, said, “Oh, sorry. You registered a premium one, but we forgot to put it on the list.” See what I mean? 🙂 You’re the unpaid focus group, determining which domains are desirable. Now that you blogged about it, I don’t think a company can do that!

      • Hi kon,

        Pls share yr feedback on sm of my new Gtld here under.


  4. oh nice one, I tried to get Happy.Place !! i really like,, .. you got all stellar names, congrats ! .. I’ve managed a couple,

    any good ? i like the best … hope things get better in Greece.

  5. Hi, Konstantinos.

    I just read the post of, which makes 5 Comparisons with you and Frank Shilling.

    I leave aside the issue of Greece as a country and I live in Spain was not the same per could happen again no one without a second well is the EU.

    The only thing we want is to do business in the new gTLD investments that make you and in this case it started last year and continued this year.

    Having a premium three-letter “” to be for sale $ 100K if you are interested in buying can make known their interest to Jose in


  6. Bulk domain names for sale @ cheap price – contact

    • Please don’t post domai s for sale here. There is another post for that. Thanks

      • Hi Konstantinos,

        I m from surat city In India. I liked ur new gtld inventory.
        I have also registers few of here as under. (otp-one time password)

        Pls share ur precious feedback on my inventory,



      • Please post these at “post your best new gtld domains” article.
        This is going to be deleted from here.

  7. 5,500 USD 5,000 EUR

    on Sedo, today. Shows liquidity in the new gTLDs!

  8. Interesting list with great matches between name and extension.

  9. making comments about other people’s tax affairs is totally not on. This is a public forum and one’s tax affairs are totally private until THEY and only They deign to talk about them. Very infra dig and, in extremis, can cause great harm.

    Why does the spell checker not know Latin when it is one of the basic ingredients of our language and a language your lawyer is fairly fluent in.

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