Latest TV Commercial About Building A Website (video)

wix-comThe latest commercial starring Heidi Klum is another example of how to make a great TV ad relating to websites and domain names.

I wrote about a few months back after they aired they SuperBowl commercial that was also very nice. You can remember the Superbowl commercial here.

Watch the latest commercial here:

Here is what they call the brainstorming video: also presented the full length version of the new commercial starring Heidi Klum! In the ad, Rex Lee helps Heidi Klum figure out her next business venture, Heidi Whities. Watch to find out more. #ItsThatEasy

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“So, if you were me, what would you do next?”
“If I were you… Do what you always do. Start another business. Build another website.”
“Hey, Heidi Highs… Heidi Lows…”
“Too obvious.”
“So 2014.”
“Hmmmph… What about Heidi’s Hideaways?”
“They wouldn’t be hideaways anymore!”
“You’re right. He’s always right… That’s it!”
“What’s it?”
With Wix, its easy to create your own stunning website all by yourself.
“Heidi Whities!
“You did this all by yourself?”
“I couldn’t wait.”
“Wanna try them on?”
Go to Create your website today.


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