.ME Domains Hit 800,000 Registrations – Earns Montenegro Government 17M Euro

dot-meThe .Me registry announced that the .ME domain names have passed 800,000 domain registrations.

Since its launch in 2008 Montenegro’s country code domain has been marketed as a premier choice for building a personal brand and it quickly became one of the favourite new extensions among creative individuals who want to stand out online. The domain has continued to grow steadily in response to the global trend of nurturing personal identity online.

“This is a big day for us! Knowing that you are getting closer to one million domains in the registry is extremely rewarding”, stated Predrag Lesic, executive director of the .ME Registry. “We marketed .ME domains aggressively from the very beginning and as of now we have more than two hundred accredited registrar partners and customers from almost every country in the world. This could not have been done without them”.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Information Society and Telecommunications, Mr. Vujica Lazovic, PhD, emphasised that to date, the Government of Montenegro earned almost 17 million EUR from .ME domain registrations. “These funds were invested in the development of information society and eGovernment projects with the aim of raising awareness among general public about the importance of being involved in decision-making processes”. He also added: “Millions of Internet users can access the content available on .ME domains on daily basis and we are proud to say the .ME domain is one of the best exports from Montenegro”.

In addition to making a website more personal .ME adds value by transforming the online address into a catchy marketing message. Domains such as Find.ME, Follow.ME, Take.ME and Cover.ME are only few examples of call-to-action that motivate Internet user to visit .ME websites and remember them for ages. For this reason several Fortune 500 companies, big brands and successful startups use .ME domains.

“Facebook got Fb.ME, WordPress.com registered Wp.ME, Tango and Line got tango.me and line.me, respectively. But it does not end there”, Mr. Lesic said, adding: “We knew that high quality content was of utmost importance for every new domain extension. Therefore, we decided to launch the Premium Domain Program and offer our most attractive domains to startups and large businesses working on innovative services and products. I am proud to say that Premium Domain Program graduates are the biggest contributor to the total of 169,000,000 indexed .ME pages on Google.”


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  1. Do you own some .me domains? I don’t have any.

  2. Other than the Meet.Me sale, I’d be curious what the (other) highest .Me sales have been over the years

    • I have had a tough time finding historical sales figures. Do you think its more of a fad extension than anything? I haven’t met anyone using it. And my last name, first name domain sales haven’t slowed down any more than they used to be.

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