Jeff Sass Of .Club: “This is an expansion to the TLD program, not a transition away from .com.”

club-new-gtldJeff Sass, the ‎Chief Marketing Officer of .Club, delivered yet another great presentation on the 2nd day of the Domaining Europe 2015 Conference in Valencia, Spain.

Jeff Sass, who has been very busy marketing .club all over the world, celebrated the first birthday of the .Club New gTLD by giving the latest details on .club and explaining why .club is so popular in registrations as well as to why it reached the highest prices on New gTLD sales.

Jeff started with a little bit of history like how Colin Campbell, the CEO and founder of .club, managed to raise $7 million in just 30 days by only using his LinkedIn contacts. These funds were used to win the .club TLD in a private auction.

Over 200k .club domain names have been registered so far and the .club registry is seeing that usage and development of these domains is going strong.

Jeff talked about some of the highest .club sales such as Coffee.Club that was sold for $100,000 through the Startup.Club that is offering premium .club domains for sale in 10 installments over 10 years, interest free.

The approved registrants will also qualify for a wide range of benefits, such as PR & Marketing Support from the .club team.

Jeff also talked about the sales of for $100,000 and that was sold for $140,000 at an auction in January. The transaction should be completed soon.

20150424_102818bJess Sass detailed various opportunities with owning a .club domain name and the domain name can be used. e.g. developing the domain name, using it in advertising or using it as a marketing redirection tool.

While talking about the .club registry and the New gTLD program in general, Jeff explained that .Club and New gTLDs are not competing with .com and other legacy gTLDs and ccTLDs.

“This is an expansion to the TLD program, not a transition away from .com.”

Jeff Sass believes that the biggest opportunity for New gTLDs (specifically for the registries) is to focus on people and companies that have not started yet. The opportunity is to focus on the new entrepreneurs just entering the internet and starting their  businesses.

Jeff also said that .Club is happy so far with their choice of having a low fixed renewal fee as compared with the variable premium fee model used by other registries. It is not yet time for the .Club year 1 renewals but Jeff said that having a low and fixed renewal fee is helping .club in 2 ways.

First of all domains are cheap to register so .club is getting a lot of domain name registrations and hopefully most of the registrants will renew their domain names because of that low renewal fee.

On another note, .Club has avoided any registrant confusion that is already happening to other registries. People are just realizing that the premium fee they paid on the original registration will always be their annual renewal fee.

Finally it was announced that Soap.Club, that was recently sold for $5,000, will be launching this coming week.

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