.Club & .Bar Exhibit At The Nightclub & Bar Convention Show In Las Vegas (video)

club-new-gtld.BAR and .CLUB teamed up to exhibit at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Here are a sample of some of the bars and clubs already using their .CLUB and .BAR web addresses. For more information visit www.get.club and www.register.bar.

This the video produced by the .Club registry:


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  1. I really wish them millions registrations as they wanted on Domain Sherpa interview.

    But for now, club is about 40 days away from renewal and their prediction on the interview – 100K registrations within first week of general availability seems laughable.
    After a year they have reached about 200K with a lot of money on marketing (they put more money on marketing than over 90 % of newTLDs so I am not sure if their result is that great)

    Rick Schwartz once said that he could not recall any domain inquiry on his .com names which have “club” word in them. I believe this a good tip for guys who keep .club for investment purposes.

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