One Degree World Will Launch More Than 1,300 Travel Websites On New gTLD Domain Names

losangeles-buzzOne Degree World plans to launch more than 1,300 new travel related websites on New gTLD domain names.

A few days back I wrote how global travel and entertainment company One Degree World launched their first 8 travel websites on New gTLDs. It turns out their plans are much bigger than the 300 websites announced by the .buzz registry.

Websites are build on a series of newly released TLDs including .BUZZ, .NINJA and .VEGAS.

One Degree World, Inc. partnering with .BUZZ now manages and controls a portfolio of more than 300 of the top global destinations around the world.

.VEGAS will have more than 1,000 domains in the One Degree World partner portfolio of websites.  With nearly 40 million visitors per year, Las Vegas remains one of the top visited cities in the world, and one of the most relevant subjects for One Degree World’s portfolio of partner websites featuring travel and entertainment content.

“Having over 1,000 .VEGAS sites managed on the amazing new One Degree World platform is a tremendous coup,” said, James Trevino, CEO of DotVegas.  “We are very happy to be in business with this team.  Our domains are in great hands.”

It is not yet clear how many .Vegas domain name will be developed.

The initial launch sites are:

All sites have corresponding Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Links to the social sites can be found on each website.

Each of the One Degree World partner websites will include a customer-centric approach to booking travel and entertainment, including:

  • Guaranteed Best Pricing: The revolutionary technology dynamically evaluates the best pricing and availability from our vast inventory of hotel and show tickets, then offers the best available rate to the customer – guaranteed! No longer will the customer be required to waste their precious time doing their own exhaustive searches across multiple travel sites.
  • Certified Rate Protector™: The One Degree Certified Rate ProtectorTM searches each of One Degree World’s consumer reservations and checks the rates after their purchase. Should the rate drop post purchase, for the same dates and terms, the reservation will be rebooked at the lower rate and the difference refunded to the customer. This is automatic and the customer will receive an email about their newly lowered rate and newfound cash.
  • Curated Content and Reviews: The sites provide expert opinions and unique content from carefully selected 3rd party experts, without the negative impact of the mass opinions or industry carpet bagging or sniping. The reviewers range from expert advice from influential members of a city’s social scene, to anonymous tips from those who are intimately familiar with a location’s latest trends.

Along with the upcoming rollout of sites specific to hundreds more top travel destinations, such as New York, Beijing, Sydney, Toronto, Madrid, Istanbul, The Caribbean, Rio de Janeiro, and more, partner websites operated by the One Degree World e-commerce solution can orchestrate reservations for:

  • More than 300 cities
  • More than 500,000 hotels
  • Nearly 900 airlines
  • 26,000 tours and attractions
  • Concert, sports, theme parks and event venues globally
  • A myriad of restaurants that number in the thousands
  • Accessibility in 58 different languages and 93 currencies

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  1. They are not doing anything different, just like launching 300 sites on any other sub domain. So many companies out there doing this. is a monster, Expedia is a giant, Priceline is the master, where does come in?

    I just wished I owned one of the .com’s like etc… that is where the free traffic is going to hit.

  2. What a waste of time and money

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