Daily Domain Sales (11-24-2014): Watcha.com $20,000, Positive.co.uk 10,000 GBP, ThePiano.com $10,000

dailyI have decided I am not taking any insults any more. Anyone being disrespectful or an asshole will get my wrath from now on.

Here is the a reply I got to a quote I send for a 1997 .com domain:

“I bought a better name…. It cost me $10. … You are an ass. Thanks but no thanks”

His grand offer was $1. Here is my reply:

“Dear ****,
you piece of sh*t.
This is a valuable domain name registered in 1997 with traffic. Not the piece of sh*t you  registered today to match your personality.”

Uniregistry now accepts paypal as a payment option. Paypal was a deal breaker for me up to now.

Heritage Auctions is now accepting premium domains for the exclusive February auction that will only have 20 domains.

Here is my latest poll with over 380 votes so far: “Are You Renewing Your New gTLD Domains?“.

Click here to see domain sale reports from the past week.

Here are yesterday’s domain sales and auctions from Sedo, Namejet, Snapnames, Go Daddy, Drop Catch and Flippa:

Sedo Domain Sales:
watcha.com $20,000
positive.co.uk 10,000 GBP
thepiano.com $10,000
originell.de 8,000 EUR
softsign.com 6,000 EUR
monario.com $6,000
putsa.com 2,200 EUR
essen.jetzt 2,000 EUR
etqt.com $1,950

Namejet Domain Auctions:
valleyproperties.com $702
81130.com $599
dgh.net $520
hpc.org $510
979.org $427

Snapnames Domain Auctions:
teanet.com $808
umuk.com $224

Go Daddy Expired Domain Auctions:

patentlawlinks.com $1,775
philcongen-hk.com $1,604
yjwc.com $1,050
taiwanmovie.com $770
forthelose.org $715
tagstyle.com $705
advertmedia.com $610
natsys-inc.com $533
createyourfirstwebsite.com $405
craftsburykids.com $380
geotransinc.com $365
alleuroperail.com $345
atoms-express.com $338
cruiseshipsguide.com $260
animalsinsurance.com $235
fresnomet.org $235
safehiring.com $225
vriti.com $205
txrei.com $197
beacon.tv $180
ratelol.com $180
spogglinks.com $175
honeyintherough.com $162
westernreservecfa.com $156
tgyd.com $141
harta-romaniei.com $137
shydas.com $135
selectrxcard.com $128
76910.com $126
communityclinicvoice.org $125
kineticshift.com $123
qubeey.com $118
toysxpert.com $116
apicta2012.com $115
thewhitecollarblog.com $115
netmediamarkets.com $110
csdinitiative.org $110
nrmarketwatch.com $105
linkbuildingfree.com $105
anywindowcleaned.com $105
marinibooks.com $105
speedtshirts.com $105
hiiakas.com $105
usbhub.net $105
flashtgames.com $105
horizonenergygroup.com $105
cafebastillemiami.com $105
wygh.com $105
clashofclanscheatstool.com $105
signaturecryptoncarpet.com $105
snowskidiscounters.com $105
rocknroseinc.com $105
seedspills.com $105
gokzbz.com $105
arbdownload.com $105
yjwr.com $104
wjwr.com $104
longhairstore.com $103
delunabooks.com $102
sxuj.com $101
smaknews.com $101
rjox.com $101
submiturlforshopping.com $100
longlistdirectory.com $100
johnhanlin.com $100
adamschultz.com $100
submitmylinks.com $97
arkansaselectricenergylaw.com $95
gbbw.net $94
modeldecal.com $93
ndwf.org $90
postapocalypticsurvival.com $90
madisonfruitsandnuts.org $86
thesixchix.com $85
arneanka.com $85
kidlark.com $82
mgskate.com $82
enfoquealterno.com $81
torah-academy.org $80
iafruitvegetablegrowers.org $76
stonegatevineyard.com $75
edithsdaylilies.com $75
1mobilesmarket.com $72
zmvo.com $71
cuedspeech.info $67
buyappstorereviews.com $63
hotelprincipadotijuana.com $62
84996.com $61
edmontonnaturalizationgroup.or… $60
hohokusbrmc.com $55
hammockresidency.com $55
openhomez.com $55
thefatlossfactorreview.info $55
newsouthmortgage.net $55
jnanor.com $55
cafrcenter.com $50
ppimissold.co $47
cdautoscr.com $45
alkahera-alyoum.net $45
earational.org $45
creditcardppi.co $45
flintcommercecenter.com $42
simplemarriage.com $38
representacioncuaad.com $37
tinidreamstudios.com $37
studyfirst.tv $32
morphosppc.com $32
nonprofitwebmedia.com $32
zvcm.com $32
uqaq.com $32
howtohealthydiet.com $30
ksa.cc $28
promotextos.com $28
hiltoncollision.com $28
zvgi.com $28
creatiwebs.com $27
aldewan.net $27
lvco.org $27
zvfm.com $27
orxv.com $27
libraryofmu.org $27
vxbf.com $25
37thstreet.com $25
glasscityjungle.com $24
starfoxsecu.com $23
fieldandflower.com $20
caricaturegallery.com $20
vjvz.com $20
rxpop.com $20
ibexstudios.com $20
pakintel.com $20
a1seodirectory.com $20
premiermg.com $20
geckocreativo.com $17
vzfm.com $17
vlcx.com $17
newphuket.com $17
zcjo.com $17
zvbc.com $17
rvgy.com $17
wtyv.com $17
kvyh.com $17
mwvy.com $17
zvtb.com $17
vxlf.com $17
lzji.com $17
xgsv.com $17
compralealperu.com $17
oyfv.com $17
sgvz.com $17
oyhv.com $17
nwyv.com $17
rvjy.com $17
iyvt.com $17
zdjo.com $17
zbsv.com $17
leadershiptoolkit.com $15
bruhahops.com $15
tupromocion.com $15

DropCatch Dropped Auctions:
Miyong.com $1,827
EnLock.com $355
Hhbao.com $104
Gval-Sec.com $100

Flippa Domain Auctions:
Torrent.biz $1,690
iojo.com $705
VideoJunkie.com $365


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Don’t sweat it I get same bs on weekly basis, we bought another domain, usually hyphen or .info of same domain.

  2. Kosta, I don’t even waste my time and my words to reply to those kind of people … 😀 … stay calm and take it easy … 😉

    • I think I have to, because they will do the same with some other domainer.
      And they will never get it they are a holes.
      Sometimes I offer them $100 to buy their house or $10 for their car. 🙂

      • I like the fact you emphasized it’s “registered in 1997 with traffic” so he understands he lost out big time and always has YOUR domain in the back of his mind….

        But the “piece of s**t” part was unnecessary. From my experience, insults don’t do anything good. They either a) MOST COMMONLY: make him happy because he got under your skin b) He screws with you in some way online and try to ruin your reputation.

      • I don’t think it was not unnecessary. I stop being nice when I am called names.

      • I think there are mainly two categories of people lowballing:
        – those who don’t know the value of domains, because they didn’t take the time (and effort) of learning and researching;
        – those who know (even perfectly know, maybe they are corporate digital officers or marketing pros) the value of a domain but think to be smarter than anyone else and so they try to trick you …
        Let’s say that if there is lack of knowledge in the first case … the second type is really pathetic … and those tactics simply don’t work with wise and smart professional domainers …
        If you think that some of those guys even “stalk” your domain after they did a lowball offer or inquiry with no offer, hoping/thinking that the owner will let it expire … haha, how stupid they are … lol … it cost us only 8 or 9$/year to keep our domain … keep dreaming lowballers and think-to-be smarter guys … you won’t get anything … want this domain? then pay a market price for it … and that’s the bottom line. 😀
        That said, if they insult me or make a lowball offer I just laugh of it privately … 😀 … insulting back is just a waste of time and that way I would put myself at their same (low) level … 😉
        When they insult/offend, it’s bad karma to them … what goes around comes around …

  3. “you registered today to match your personality.”
    That’s quite matching to the domain inquirer 😀

  4. I believe there is a much bigger issue here, as to how an organisation can be formed to educate small/medium businesses of the value of domain names. Domain name sales companies have to find a solution with press, chambers of commerce, stock traders etc. 99% of small business people I speak with in the UK do not have a clue even that there is an active resale market. The industry should be old and mature enough now to educate people.

  5. What would you say percentage of people, in your experience K, that are potential buyer vs person who is wasting your time. For each good / fair inquiry , how many do you get bad / no potential ones?

    • 1:100
      I don’t consider any offer below $500 a serious offer. And I don’t ever sell below $1,500. Anything…

      • hmm, 1 to 100. damn.

        That many requests just don’t convert ? What is main reason that request comes, but doesn’t go anywhere beyond first step? People not realizing value of the domain or something else?

      • Well I am counting those that don’t even know what my domain name says.
        People looking for products, info and … sex. 🙂

        From the others it is probably 1 to 50. Most don’t even reply back to my quote, some make ridiculous $10 or $50 offers and very very few make serious offers.
        They think it is a game bothering domain owners with $10 offers.

  6. My broker from DomainNameSales received $3 offer on my premium .co domain name.

    My broker replied back to him,” You must be new to the domain name industry….please refer to http://dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm for general price guidance”

    • LOL @ “premium .co domain”

      If the inquirer won’t even pay $5 for the .com, what is the chance they’ll pay even that much for the .co (that few outside of domainers have ever heard of)…

  7. watcha.com domain name got a nice sale… it sounds a good domain, some of 1 letter domain names also sold thers days like z.com which sold at really high price.

  8. LOL

    1/ You lose by having to state it has “traffic”

    As if any inquirer (99.99%) even knows about or wants it primarily for the “traffic”

    This is completely ASPIE (aspergers) behavior – common for many domaiers…
    Do you also have OCD, hoarding like behavior..?

    2/ Obviously you were played. He was getting some “entertainment” at your expense by riling you up – b/c he did not get what he wanted. It was his “coping mechanism”

    If that name was really “better” – he would’ve got it & not bothered inquiring about your name

    3/ Your reply is too long winded

    A short & simple “F U” works best

    • 1/ Not really. Some people think that all domains are a burden. Almost all the domains that I get tens of inquiries are making me money as they sit.
      This way buyers understand that even without any development and “potential” domains have value anyway.
      2/ I don’t know if I was played…
      3/ Usually I point them to a domain name I own: fuckyoutoo.com

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