.NYC Landrush: $1.2M+ Revenue, 10,506 Domains Sold, 145 For $1,000-$9,999, 10 For $10,000+

nycThe .NYC Advisory Board published a report on the .NYC Landrush that involved 10,506 domain names.

My estimate is that the .nyc landrush revenue was at about $1.2 to $1.3 million. This includes the landrush fee and the domain name auctions.

Landrush Summary – The Landrush (providing early access to .nyc names for a slightly higher rate) ended on October 3:

  • A total of 10,506 domain names were requested.
  • 9,412 had only one applicant and became eligible for activation at the auction’s conclusion.
  • 1,094 had two or more applicants and required an auction to determine the developer.
  • 933 names were auctioned in 3 phases: those with A-K, L-R, and S-Z names. (160 original applicants did not sign up for the auction. These and 9 or 10 other names (with assorted mishaps) were provided with a “second chance” in a Phase 4 auction. A report on the Phase 4 auction was not available at meeting time.)
  • In the Landrush auction’s first 3 phases 425 names had only one bidder and were awarded for $10 – the minimum bid, 93 were auctioned for between $11-$99, 268 for $100-$999, 145 for $1,000 to $9,999, and 10 went for more than $10,000: Marijuana.nyc, Townhouse.nyc, Karvmaga.nyc, CosmeticDentistry.nyc, Dentalimplants.nyc, PhysicalTherepy.nyc, Orthodontist.nyc, Selling.nyc, CarService.nyc, and bitcoin.nyc.

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  1. I am sure it was over 1mil.
    Since a lot of names were well over 1k. Usually from what i saw, if it went over 1k it went to multiple ks or at least 1.5k range.A lot of names went between 2-3k . I picked up 3 in that range. All of them were good deals in my opinion. I found most aggressive round was second round (but it also had a lot of great names), and third round was much less chill. i think my total spend for last round was 1.5k . Best deals i got were probably first round where i was in by about 5k.

  2. i just saw first paid advertising on New York 1. Which is biggest local tv channel in new york, with .nyc domain. I have already seen that ad before. ZeroVision.nyc
    Prior to that i have seen them cover news story on archives in new york. And promoting archives.nyc , which a city archiving element.

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