Media Around The World Attacking The Owners (and their mothers…)

gtldsIn the past 24 hours various articles have been posted on websites and publications around the globe criticizing the owners of that are selling the domain for $150,000.

Most articles are not in favor of this sale. I am not sure if the timing was right to announce that such a domain name is for sale. But I am not sure what are the owners supposed to do with the domain that they paid $13,500 for it back in 2008. No one makes the slightest suggestion. There a lot of other diseases that have killed a lot more people but nobody is attacking their owners.,, all go unnoticed. What about the owners of Are they to blame for all gun deaths? What about since ebola is a virus? People are dying everyday and disease domain names are owned and sold every day.

People lose sight of what is going on sometimes and follow the hate trend. I guess the mainstream media loves hating… And at the moment Ebola sells. Someone even attacked the mothers of the owners. (see at the bottom)

The owners did not register an airplane number after it crashed nor did they register domains like

Here are some extracts of these articles:

Daily Mail (UK)
A entrepreneur is hoping to make a tidy sum out of the tragedy of the Ebola outbreak by selling a domain using the virus’ name for a six figure sum.

The businessman also owns and, as well a domain for the deadly mosquito-borne disease Chikungunya and another for the Ebola-like Marburg virus.

Mr Schultz, who also owns, and, appeared untroubled about the issue of making money from a human tragedy.”

Independent (UK)
“Strike while the iron is hot, goes the saying. Or, strike while the epidemic is thriving, in this case.”
“Is this cybersquatting? Owners of put domain for sale at N24.5 million.
While people are dying around the world from the deadly Ebola virus disease, a company in Newark, USA, Blue String Ventures has put up for sale the domain name at a price of $150,000 (N24.5 million)”
“The merchant of disease who wants six figures for
Jon Schultz is a cigarette-thin man who will, upon requests for a photograph, don a ruby robe and strike a regal pose. Schultz is a businessman and he wants to look good. There’s money to be made everywhere — even off tragedy and disaster. For the right kind of entrepreneur, Shultz said Monday night, calamity affords a very unique business opportunity. And Schulz, merchant of disease domains, is that kind of entrepreneur.
Name a disease, and there’s a chance Schultz owns it. He has He has He has one for the deadly mosquito-borne disease, Chikungunya, and another for Marburg. And finally, there’s the jewel of his trove., which Schultz bought in 2008 for $13,500.”
“Today in Parasitic Capitalism: Squatter Wants $150K for Domain.

Let’s say you are someone who has recently returned from traveling in West Africa. You have visited an Ebola-ravaged country. You are understandably worried about contracting the disease during this worst-ever epidemic and, upon returning home, you catch a fever. You might then go online to try to find information about the disease and to assess whether the crippling fear you are experiencing is, in fact, well placed. That search might lead you to, but little do you know that that site is nothing but a moneymaking ploy.

In today’s information economy, there are few more useless money-grubbers than domain squatters, and that is exactly who owns Blue String Ventures, the company sitting on the domain, is asking for a mere $150,000 to transfer ownership of the site.”

“There are a lot of different ways to make money in times of fear. A company in Nevada has apparently found their own way, now that more than 4,000 people have died from Ebola and the world is in a state of panic. Blue String Ventures owns the domain name and they’re offering to sell it for $150,000.
It could not be confirmed at press time whether Schultz and Hood’s respective mothers were embarrassed that their sons were opportunistic pieces of human garbage who profit from the fears of others and contribute nothing of value to society.”
Apparently, this Matt Novak likes attacking mothers of domain name owners. I can’t wait for him to explain what value he offers to the society by doing this. I guess he gets more clicks on his google ads and makes a lot of money! But he has written such classics such as “8 More Viral Images That Are Totally Fake” or “1970s Kids Dressed Up For the Year 2000” so we better respect him.

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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Another example of the Main Stream Media (MSM) getting it wrong…”The merchant of disease”…..C’mon man!!!!….When (or if) a vaccine becomes available, there will be many people complaining about the price of the vaccine with no regard to the Research and Development costs that were involved…Many, including the media, will portray the vaccine company the same as this this domainer, labeling the company, “The merchant of disease.”…….Meanwhile, I have noticed some changes with as it was for sale for $1800 and now under privacy…

    • Maybe they would like to attack me too. I own a few disease related domains.
      I also sold the .com of a not so serious disease I have for 5 figures.
      Am I the merchant of disease in this case too?

      • No, you are not a merchant of disease…..This Main stream media attack is massive and hurts the entire industry. I am curious to know, why do we have “domain ambassador” awards, and other awards for industry veterans who remain silent? They do nothing to move this industry forward, but sit in private boardrooms and make back end deals……….I am calling for the industry veterans to step up and respond to these attacks, buy using facts ….Get out of your private networks and step up!!!! ………………………..OK, I got that out……good job on the post K…..

      • I don’t know what to tell you. I am in Greece so I think that this blog is the best I can do.
        I can’t speak for the others but something has to be done.

  2. very well said and compared Konstantinos ! thanks

  3. Is that really the best the media can offer? Don’t they have enough content to use so instead they go out and attack somebody like Schultz? Pathetic. It’s a very touchy subject at the moment, which I fully appreciate, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad to sell a domain nor does it give people the right to put down people (and their mothers!). I think it’s actually very clever to sell a domain which is in the spotlight lately.

    If it does sell, think of what that domain could be used for. Maybe a website for people who think they have it and it diagnoses their symptoms? Who knows. Kudos to Schultz though!

  4. It is clear that they don’t watch The Daily Show.

  5. Here is my rant from in case you missed it:

    People are repulsed by banks, investment bankers, large property owners, pharmaceuticals, fast food chains, law firms etc.
    The list goes on and on. But if they owned the fast food chain or the Manhattan property they call themselves business(wo)men.
    Give me a break. They are all hypocrites. Why don’t these “media” turn off ads on all the ebola, accident, murder, aids, cancer, earthquake etc. related articles. They shouldn’t be making any money from people’s death.

    Do we need these scumbags writing articles about people’s mothers tell us what domains we can register or not? No. F them.

    Yes, I own disease domains. I also own domains like ibrokemyleg.anything. Is this ok to own mr media?
    I sold a domain that is a non-serious disease I have. Is this ok?

    When someone tries to take away their domains they scream but if I own the same domain it is ok. F them.

    • I am amazed at how hypocritical the other domain bloggers are pertaining to Domain Investing…………I continue to become enlightened as to why this industry does not move forward and become more mainstream and attract more investor’s etc……Thanks for keeping it real and true on this blog…..

  6. EbolaCure.Com …..Dynadot $19,000. Perhaps the Media should look in it’s own backyard occasionally ?

  7. I see nothing wrong with selling for $150,000 or even more like $1,500,000

    What about ebola doctors get paid $525 per hour?…….the medical and pharmaceutical experts gets all the profits.

    East African doctors are being offered more than five hundred dollars per hour to work with Ebola patients in West Africa

    “The WHO (World Health Organisation) are offering $325 dollars an hour, and the Centre for Disease Control Malawi office they are offering $200. In total that is $525 per hour”

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