Top 10 Posts In October At Moniker, .OOO, .NYC,, Uniregistry & Rick Schwartz

logo01-photoOctober was the best month ever at in terms of views and visitors. More than 700 comments were made by readers.

One of the two best posts I wrote in October is not even in the top 10: .NYC: 22% Of Registrants Bought Only 1 Domain Each, 3% Of Registrants Bought 30% Of All Domains. The other one was September: My 639 Domain Name Renewals And 118 Drops (15.6%) that is in #8. My best posts don’t get a lot of love. I thought these were good, anyway…

The most popular post was the poll Are You Renewing Your New gTLD Domains?. Other topics included My Renewals and Drops, Moniker, .OOO, .NYC,, Uniregistry and Rick Schwartz.

Here are the top 10 posts for October 2014 in terms of views:

  1. Are You Renewing Your New gTLD Domains?
  2. How To Check If Any Of Your Domains Have Been Stolen From Moniker
  3. .OOO Has 28,133 Premium(?) Domains And 149 Registrations After Its 1st Day
  4. What (Bad) .NYC Domains Were Registered In Priority Period
  5. Media Around The World Attacking The Owners (and their mothers…)
  6. 4 Months Without Rick
  7. New Low: Google Glass Used As Bait For Students To Get Free .XYZ Domains
  8. September: My 639 Domain Name Renewals And 118 Drops (15.6%)
  9. Future Media Architects (FMA) Transfers 100,000 Domains To Uniregistry
  10. Sale For $750,000 Is A Fake

And a few good posts that most people missed probably because of bad timing:

  1. .NYC: 22% Of Registrants Bought Only 1 Domain Each, 3% Of Registrants Bought 30% Of All Domains
  2. 83% Of Lawyers Not Eager To Get .Lawyer Or .Attorney Domains
  3. Beware Of Network Solutions Domain Expiration Dates
  4. “What Have We Learned From .Com?” Apparently Not A Lot!
  5. Blogger Gives Confusing Domain Name Advice

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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Your .nyc post was fantastic. They might not get as many views, but they are your best work and get most interest from dedicated readers. I thought it was your best post in October.

  2. Konstantinos, are you going to do follow up report soon on .nyc? since last one was very eye opening about brake down of registrants. I am curious how landscape has shifted after first day. Since i am sure it did. And since you were the only person who did detailed report on it initially, you probably the only person who can do a proper follow up.

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