Daily Domain Sales (9-15-2014): Cabs.com $50,000, 1151.com 13,100 EUR, Synta.com $5,100

dailyIt’s a mad, mad, mad world. I had another deal gone bad after another buyer disappeared. I had 3 bad deals in a week last month and a few others.

So after the deal I created the escrow transaction and despite sending the buyer a couple of emails the transaction timed out after 10 days. On the next day she follows me on Twitter. I follow her back and send her a message. No reply. Then after 10 days I try to send her another twitter message but I see that I am blocked from following her. All this while she has been tweeting 10 times a day. So I send her an email that she should be ashamed of herself for hiding like a little child. She then replies and says that she had an emergency and that she doesn’t run the twitter account (although she followed me first) and that I am threatening and stalking her and she will go to the feds. She also accused me of cancelling the escrow transaction (that timed out automatically after 10 days) and that she tried to pay after 5 days but couldn’t. Of course she never thought of returning an email or a tweet. I am done with these people.

I said the other day that .XYZ in the rate it is burning money it is going to be one of the first New gTLDs to go under. There are now more than 30 comments posted. What do you think?

Click here to see domain sale reports from the past week.

Here are yesterday’s domain sales and auctions:

Sedo Domain Sales:
cabs.com $50,000
1151.com 13,100 EUR
yorks.de 1,300 EUR

Namejet Domain Auctions:
qof.com $7,610
counterattack.com $4,100
7l.net $2,150
bauhausmusik.com $551

Snapnames Domain Auctions:

Go Daddy Expired Domain Auctions:

synta.com $5,100
tos-dr.info $2,603
wice.com $2,500
juns.com $2,247
riversidecb.com $1,526
cish.com $1,500
bestusbturntablereview.com $997
runningleanhq.com $911
appsgames.com $760
mtsummit2013.info $700
callingallinnovators.com $699
newportcorp.com $510
storagemanhattan.com $496
outdoorchanneloutfitters.com $455
wheelsupgrade.com $451
apartmentsmanhattan.com $449
nipc-nigeria.org $442
lunafurniture.com $422
muabauvatvtc.com $407
morganmint.com $405
realmind.org $400
watchingwebsites.com $397
sowaholidaymarket.com $353
nursingschoolsatlanta.com $260
eightytwodesign.com $250
gmailloginwiki.com $250
itequila.org $235
thedailysydney.com $230
atlantanutrition.com $211
samickmusicusa.com $206
pokerroomsforfun.com $205
inkstainedhands.com $205
w3c-compliant.com $203
longislandstorage.com $203
thushsmovieworld.com $200
ystkc.com $200
thedissector.com $190
parentsprecinct.com $187
indiaworldenergy.org $185
purpose1plus.com $170
chatterpillar.net $165
starslipcrisis.com $156
realestatebannernetwork.com $155
mfbk.com $155
nutrigal-galam.com $144
rocknflicks.com $140
urbantrain.net $140
2gov.org $126
unrinsight.com $126
fullversiongame.org $125
piqqem.com $125
affinityvnet.com $117
thegamersheep.com $116
worldmun2010.org $114
beerblokes.com $110
lawsonarchive.com $110
theroyalrestaurant.com $110
bspurses.com $107
cusferrararugby.com $105
expresseffects.com $105
tuccisbistro.com $100
spotlightingnews.com $99
salestipwebsite.com $98
tauponatural.com $95
laughmaine.com $95
michiganfireservice.com $94
top100fishing.com $91
kstatesigep.com $89
sharedearthphotography.com $85
plck.com $85
mailtoprotector.com $85
davidsonsjewelry.com $85
txhealthinsurancequote.com $85
eatfrenchbread.com $83
abhishek.us $82
kldn.com $80
buuhoodlemedia.com $80
d-sharman.com $80
madinina.org $80
futurecitiesdev.com $77
mostleast.com $76
warages.com $73
skyjetsmexico.com $72
aapp.net $70
xperimenta.org $70
americanflagrugby.com $64
cardsymbols.com $62
thewaylonfund.org $62
aljanna.info $61
thecapcanachampionship.com $60
qebb.com $60
qfzw.com $58
kqbq.com $58
endlessplain.com $57
flxj.com $57
cs-hb.com $57
odmoving.com $55
dentoneer.com $55
kqyn.com $54
husbandandwifeteam.com $54
shoppingonlinebro.com $52
bestcommercialtruckinsurance.c… $52
schoolofrawk.com $52
rhedae.com $50
gaelforcenyc.com $50
quicklockworks.com $50
o-christmas-tree.com $50
freeno.com $45
massremodeler.com $45
podiumfunds.com $45
sisterhoodbdus.org $41
micmanagement.com $40
idealogyweb.com $40
prayerlifeministries.org $39
babygiftsusa.com $38
50324.com $38
monarcheventcenter.com $37
homewarrantydirectory.com $35
purposedrivenrehab.org $35
georgiapeanuts.org $35
uth-oye.com $35
winepreserva.com $35
audioconverter.net $34
eiay.com $33
infurnituredealers.com $33
onusoundrecords.com $33
bnaj.com $33
juegos-friv.net $32
formacionpilotoslanperu.com $32
szwajcarskie.info $32
roof.cc $32
gateprep.com $31
radiospectives.com $30
4hotelsnow.com $30
stylemusee.com $28
fountainhillsvacation.com $27
netcruiser-software.com $27
bejanoite.com $27
lathetoolandy.info $27
gamblingonline-vip.com $27
hornickassoc.com $27
practicingmusician.com $26
uyunisaltflat.com $24
agarwalpackersandmoversindia.c… $22
alumnirestaurant.com $22
fmqa.com $22
betwin88.com $22
garyschollmeier.com $22
brianbollandgallery.com $22
thinkingofthebeach.com $22
enterruption.com $22
reynoldspropainters.com $22
yabt.tv $21
businesswebzone.com $20
rzuh.com $20
realbustylatinas.com $20
print-fo.com $20
web-sitepositioning.com $20
weightlossmaven.com $17
canadiansupplementclub.com $17
printfancy.com $17
agouraxc.com $17
jlgv.com $17
top100scubadiving.com $17
bigcutcock.com $17
otllok.com $17
dibustech.com $15
internetaffiliate.biz $15
reviewscamrating.com $15
urbanzing.com $15
buyafterforeclosure.com $15
givingawaythestore.com $15
coloradolegalvideos.com $15
casei.me $15

DropCatch Dropped Auctions:
MoShop.com $1,029
Classifier.com $708
LujinbAo.com $229
InOttawa.com $204
IdeTCom.com $131
YJBW.com $124
VicGroup.com $114

Flippa Domain Auctions:
Portfolio of 333 Domains: $8,800
mbud.com $355


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Well .XYZ is clearly not for me. 🙂

  2. .XYZ is a minor hedge for me, so I bought a few dozen.

    Oddly, if it fails, I don’t think it would be because .XYZ is meaningless or not industry specific like .Shoes, it will be for the same reason most of the new TLDs may fail, which is a total lack of popular consumer sites using them.

    I think the key for any of the new Registries was to see this as a long term investment, in the hope that in 5-10 years consumers will understand and accept them.

    The funny thing is if even one of the new TLD registries goes under, what will become of those domains? It makes you wonder if the ICANN has a plan in place for turning those TLDs over to another registry… or simply let all those web sites lose their identities.

    • “if it fails, I don’t think it would be because .XYZ is meaningless or not industry specific like .Shoes,”
      Now take out “I don’t think” and add at the end “and because it is run by Daniel”.

      If a registry goes down ICANN has safeguards: Emergency Back-end Registry Operators (EBERO)

      Read about them here, here and here.

      • I guess that means that if Daniel’s company goes under… .XYZ will still exist. Good to know.

        Backup Registries are a great plan. Once a new TLD exists, it’s important that any existing domains using it continue to operate and renew, regardless of whether new registrations in that TLD are accepted.

  3. I’ve had 30k worth of sales flop in the past month. This seems to happen all the time. People agree to buy for a price and then disappear and never reply again. Its very frustrating.

    • They think it is funny until the lawsuits start flying around.
      They seem to believe that just because they don’t sign anything they are not in a binding contract.

      • I had a situation where I accidentally listed one of my domains (CouponFactory.Com) on Sedo for a much lower price than it was worth. It was quickly sold and I honored the contract.

        I knew I made a mistake and somebody was getting a huge bargain, my reputation was more important than the loss of income.

      • You are right.
        I had an higher offer on one of my domains after I had just agreed to sell it.
        I too honored the agreement.

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