Daily Domain Sales (9-13-2014): Webim.com $4,494, iremit.com $1,716

dailyI am starting to feel sorry for Daniel but he deserves what is coming at him. He reached 500,000 registrations and that has probably cost him a couple of million dollars on top of all the application, operating and marketing expenses so far. So he is in a worst place from where he started 3 months back. A few millions in the hole. And he not getting out of there. Ever. That is because at this point he needs more than 10 years to get all the invested money back but he is not stopping. At year 1 he will probably need 20 years to get in the clear. I don’t believe we will see year 3 of .xyz. Sad story with a sad ending coming. .XYZ is going to be one of the first New gTLDs to go under. Lesson: money can’t buy success.

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Here are yesterday’s domain sales and auctions:

Sedo Domain Sales:

Namejet Domain Auctions:
tertulia.com $1,566
suntone.com $765

Snapnames Domain Auctions:
marketingnet.com $730

Go Daddy Expired Domain Auctions:

euromilk.com $1,028
chesteracademy.org $994
coincon.com $811
axiompartners.com $760
jorgecarrion.com $760
zoominlocal.com $660
adexpose.com $408
removingskintags.com $398
collaborativetech-conf.org $356
desktop-designz.com $355
khanfamily.com $354
goodvillage.com $348
phoenixweddingphotographer.com $316
diariodemadryn.com $312
iloveyoudad.com $307
hautehair.com $305
monticellofloridaoperahouse.co… $285
wenbozazhi.com $285
endofcenturynyc.com $283
pan-caliente.com $257
sietarinternational.org $256
newmobilemovies.com $256
dewisd.org $255
learnglobal.net $250
ceopoker.com $230
saigoncity.com $227
minnesotamonitor.com $212
cengines.com $205
86736.com $185
we-download.com $169
bakerlaporte.com $165
gonciarzlaw.com $160
theslayersclub.com $156
cheaplikes.net $155
travelsized.com $155
maxcreative.org $155
ypogp.org $149
soundoffers.com $148
asa7py.com $146
islampolicy.com $145
wavegeneration.com $144
travelersphotography.com $140
sapbchc.org $137
foodandbeverage-network.com $135
envisionier.com $135
focushomehealthcare.com $135
novasfera.com $130
dmsports-wsmx.com $125
miccai2005.org $125
frescoarts.org $125
seomarketingtips.net $125
adultmedicineofmarietta.com $125
theboxofcrayons.com $121
chimek.com $119
futurespros.com $115
contrausa.com $111
estamosenvideo.com $111
nticdmaker.com $105
onlinebikedeals.com $105
walcoff.com $105
1st-motorsport.net $103
paxes.com $102
amanamarble.com $95
ecolifestl.com $95
folderboy.com $95
ecosisters.com $93
museogroup.com $92
fidelityfunding.net $90
ictfestantigua.com $90
ciscovoiceguru.com $85
wahms-online.com $85
wildapplerestaurant.com $85
maketheplanetnotice.com $85
teenboybedding.net $84
f-s.net $81
nhsus.com $80
pvrvacations.com $79
myelitehealth.com $75
penguindrive-in.com $75
propertyoftheestate.com $75
perrylakes.com $75
scottishtimes.org $75
samanthastorm.com $74
frederikfleck.com $71
blive5000.com $71
libbymitchellforgovernor.com $70
pacimals.com $67
cllug.org $67
fusionrewards.com $67
arabicradio.org $65
smartwaterfilter.com $65
systip.com $65
genealogylocator.com $65
sunflowerboulder.com $65
buffaloandbergen.com $65
nip-lac.org $63
conventioninsider.com $63
fxqh.com $63
finadu.com $62
seolinkservices.com $62
securenets.us $60
allyourpetsupplies.com $60
troongolf-digital.com $60
benhallformayor.com $60
ivtcscs.org $60
miraclemint.com $58
34324.com $58
downtowndharma.com $58
fishingresource.net $57
lsurejects.com $55
emiratetimes.com $55
windowproject.org $50
dencocorp.us $50
anointedweddings-maui.com $50
vexedvolvo.org $47
allieavital.com $47
uvarejects.com $47
cooutlethandbags.com $47
84160.com $46
8thandmain.com $45
vidiotmaps.com $45
lduusa.com $45
bobolmsted.com $44
netap.net $42
ateliersdescrap.com $40
machinetw.com $40
socialmarketinginc.com $40
redlandscommunityfoundation.or… $39
pqseo.com $37
tycyle668.com $35
westernlinen.com $35
ggnv.com $32
diendanhoa.com $32
sherzieve.com $32
wdeditors.com $32
brainbulb.net $32
getlistedinternetmarketing.com $32
rievaulx.org $30
smokinhotbarbeque.com $30
givetrucksmoreroom.com $28
lifestylehomemaking.biz $28
gameibet88vn.com $27
gamewithgirls.com $27
wegetcoupons.com $27
5minutegetaway.com $27
ipva2013.me $27
manamagate.org $27
qyyu.com $27
howtobodyboard.com $27
oigx.com $27
kunquopera.net $27
legalaidtech.org $27
whatchagonnaqueue.com $27
graftonferry.com $27
bakerphotography.net $27
fitnhealthyschools.org $27
gfip.net $26
hondamil.com $25
georgeyounceonline.com $25
sigarayinasilbirakirim.com $25
refine-led.com $25
emogilev.com $25
hackerinjapan.com $25
sinhcontrai.com $23
pixilis.com $22
fenderguides.net $22
watersky.info $22
learnrealestateinvestingblog.c… $22
marksnvictorias.com $22
victoriaskitchen-philly.com $22
imvk.com $22
xvideo.biz $22
saladona.com $22
thecanaryreview.com $22
5starhockey.com $20
uniquetreasuresonline.net $20
saitisfashion.com $20
proconmedia.com $20
directorioporno.com $20
pedrobrito.com $19
atlantismuseum.com $18
dailyhonda.com $17
4confetti.com $17
fedderlychryslerusedcars.com $17
aaquickdisposal.net $17
heartlandhumanists.org $17
betfer.com $17
leicesterhaymarkettheatre.org $17
imdatingmyself.com $17
autoinsurancecolorado.org $17
2liveon.com $17
beltontaxi.com $17
gasjam.com $15
heytelangana.com $15
fltia.org $15
north-park-news.com $15
gofiberlink.com $15
bcjanews24.com $15
shebadoo.com $15

DropCatch Dropped Auctions:
WebIm.com $4,494
Iremit.com $1,716
AllianceTelecom.com $783
ChinaElite.com $373
DutchStore.com $424
FmRecords.com $284
GranBahiaPrincipeJamaica.com $101
JeuxDeDora.com $163
KledingOnline.com $420
LifeKorea.com $165
RrFd.com $187
SleazeTone.com $245
StAusS-GrillMeier.com $271
TenWin.com $104

Flippa Domain Auctions:
episode.pro $199
yzi.com  $6,001 (reserve not met)


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. .xyz will very likely be the first tld to hit 1 million since .co they have a plan it’s working and it’s a fun tld that the younger generations will accept and use. I would be more than willing to make a friendly wager about where .xyz stands 1 year 2 years out.

  2. ironic that xyz is the end of the alphabet. But not the end off the story if a company brands itself XYZ and takes the whole enchilada off his hands. Has a great radio station sound I grew up in Boston with WBZ and they would insert their call letters over a song using an amplifier and working the reverb so it sounded w (pause) BEE. ZEEEE. One could do that with this. There are all kinds of possibilities in these gs for end users who understand how music, celebrities, big budget media and graphics bring the extension to life. Without that it’s just letters.

  3. It’s a startup like many others before… Google.. Facebook..twitter many many had a fast burn rate while they ramp up. We are talking 3 months and they have 500K in registrations and next year they will have that many again . Like Owen said lots of ways for them to make this business venture a profitable one.

    • .xyz is at about 120,000 registrations if you exclude the free network solutions domains.
      If you exclude the $2 domains it is at 43k. If you exclude other giveaways it is probably below 30k registrations.

      You compare Google to .xyz? I think you just killed the conversation.

      • The comparison was solely based on start ups and the burn rate and how many years it takes a tech start up to be profitable , and saying having enough capital to survive the burn rate is important. I used companies that lost money for years ….

      • These are companies that had products coming out and a lot of room to improve.
        .XYZ is out and it is not getting any better.

      • A start up is a start up they offer a product or a service and they have a marketing plan.. Good or bad and a cash flow business plan… Inspite of what you think or I think each startup succeeds or fails based on marketing acceptance demand cash. The end … So predict what you like but you may want to be careful.. Lots of people made fun of Rick Swartz when he started , the wright brothers , Henry ford , ect… Ect … Lots of failed business in the past 100 years and lots of successes that were scoffed at…

      • Comparing Rick and Ford with Daniel? Sorry but no.
        XYZ does not belong in any of these examples. I am predicting and with .xyz is pretty easy to do.

    • Phil is biased he was bidding heavy on the namejet .xyz auctions early in the year, bidding upwards of thousands of dollars for a crap extension, that can be replicated with .abc.. Phil wake up man, you are living in a la la land…….

  4. I just do not get what use this domain would be used for beyond novelty.

  5. Pets.com verse Pets.xyz

    When I ask friends that know nothing about domains what they think of when I say Pets.com they say a website about Pets , when I say how about Pets.xyz they say a site Pets and more…

    So novelty or not it provides the call to mental image that I’m looking for . Not to mention the 999,999 dollars left over for Seo and branding .

  6. Lol well, one owns the largest electronic dart board company in the world .. So I would say he is a pretty bright fella , and the others range from fireman to principles to a guy that wins an insurance company. We just had our yearly football draft and I asked what they thought to get an outside perspective … By the way konstanous , if you have any children between 8 and up show them the .xyz videos they used for marketing and ask your children what they think.. I’m sure you find them smiling saying that’s kinda cool dad!

    • Bright fella doesn’t mean he knows domains. I know bright people that can’t get online to save their lives.
      Let them have pets.xyz and I will get pets.com.

      It’s funny though. How come they know .xyz and they don’t know .com? Does it have to do with you being friends with them?

      Kids 8-12 may find an escort ad kinda cool. It doesn’t mean they are getting any.
      If you want to wait 10 years for .xyz to thrive, I will be here laughing all the way.

      • I learned a long time ago . ” don’t throw mud you only lose ground” that being said my friends did not know .xyz they did infer what pets.com was as anyone would but when asked what they thought pest.xyz after I asked what they thought pets.com was they said a site about pets and 2 each said the xyz implied more … Pets and more

      • Did they know it was a website or they just thought you said “pets etc”? Did they just infer it was because the first question was about a domain name?
        Polls are not easy to do and what you did skewed the results.

        Now try this with some other friends. Tell them you just bought pets.xyz without saying anything more and watch their faces.

      • Yes they inferred because I started by asking about .com no doubt… But please try this yourself I respect and trust you will post accurate responses .. Ask three random people what pets.xyz means … I am quite sure most will not know its a domain but then again if you asked what creditcard.guide was or luxury.estate was they wouldn’t know most likely but they would know what it would have if they knew it was a website.

      • But then you would have to ask them: do you prefer creditcard.guide , creditcard.web or creditcard.xyz.
        What do you think they will say?

      • Just checking in 🙂 how’s xyz doing ? 🙂

  7. Another note , I know I very well respected industry veteran that just purchased 200 more .xyz now I’m not a fan boy of .xyz in particular , I like the new tlds in general and I think .xyz will do well as long as they keep up the marketing and getting end users building quality sites.. That’s all

    • Who is that? My god, he spend $0 to $400 on junk.

      I like new gtlds but not all and certainly not bottom feeding .xyz.
      If they keep up this “marketing” giving out free domains left and right they are going down even faster.

      • It’s someone that has sold millions of dollars of domains but don’t throw mud saying “bottom feeder” won’t get you anywhere . And do you know the totality of the finances of .xyz … If not you probably don’t know how they are doing compared to their business plan.

      • The totality of finances? What other income do they have except from domain names that they are giving away for free while they are charged about $1.18 for each one by their backend and ICANN? Not to mention all other operating costs.

        I don’t throw mud. This is the truth. Daniel became the laughing stock of the industry when he started telling lies to people that knew him for years.
        Check out what the people that liked him are saying now.

      • Well I don’t know him , I have talked with him and his coo.. About the plan and I guess I will agree to disagree … Many didn’t like his marketing plan several thought it was brilliant … Reminds me of the old beer commercial …tastes great,…no it’s less filling… Back and forth… No supporting data to discuss here … Except he has 500k registrations that’s what we know how much cash they will or can burn through you don’t know neither do I … So like I said we will wait and see … You may be correct or you may look really silly a year from now and vice Versa

      • If you base next years .xyz results on registrations numbers like “.xyz has 500k registrations” then I don’t know what to say.
        .XYZ does NOT have 500k registrations. Period.

    • So I will be happy to make a friendly wager with you about .xyz status this time next year God willing you and I are both upright 🙂

  8. Very simple will the .xyz string exist in 3 years

    • I bet $10 that it will not exist in 3 years. Any company with that kind of losses would have folded by then.

      But seeing what Daniel does and how arrogant and stubborn he is I suspect that he will continue throwing money at it until all his money is gone.
      So I will also make a bet of $100 that .xyz will have lost $10+ million in 3 years from now or that .xyz has under 100k paid registrations.

  9. “money can’t buy success.”
    You summed it up perfectly Kosta 🙂
    Let’s see where “son of the bubble” daddy money boy will be in a couple of years …
    I’ve already seen many times in the past those kind of some super-bullish people (“sky is the limit” etc …) … and I think that it will end badly again for companies and ventures with poor or no business model …
    I see too many marketing-inflated junk ventures around … maybe marketing guys should start to learn that there are many other internal and external variables to consider to assess if a business is viable and if it has any (long-term sustainable) competitive advantage … it’s not just branding … branded garbage is always garbage, even if someone try to pump it up … 😀

    • I am just amassed as to hear some people state the 500k registrations as an evidence of success when it is in fact the opposite.
      It it the actual evidence of failure.
      And to hear that some people think that this .xyz “marketing” is brilliant…

  10. A company that is so negatively marketed that is what is .XYZ. I do not see the point in doing this, since year after year as the free registrations falls off as well as the money in names without producing any additional sources of income for the company. Its not too long that this may fall unless some miracles happen. The above conversation with Phil and yourself really excited me on a “VERY VERY” different view of the whole story and the person believes it without any doubt that Pets.xyz is a much better choice than Pets.com. I agree with your every point Konsta.

    • just to clear things up a bit .. Pets.com is obviously a more valuable name today and most likely will always be, the point i was making is not every one that would like to have a site about pets and pet products can invest 2 million on a name then build it out. My point is that Pets.xyz is a nice alternative leaving you with hundreds of thousands to build promote and seo. My other point is that not a single person here knows the success or failure of .xyz yet.. way to early .. I would definitely bet that .xyz we be around and even profitable in 3 years maybe not even by the same operator. How much did .co get sold for again? I believe there were alot of skeptics about the .co did things as well. I am not a fanboy of .xyz but I did buy Pets.xyz Autos.xyz and Vacations.xyz and happy i did. The person that bought Deals.xyz for 8100 is also very happy with his purchase.

      • What I don’t understand is why you compare .xyz with .com and not all the other and much better New gTLDs?
        But you already answered that: Pets.xyz Autos.xyz and Vacations.xyz.

        Making $10k on year 3 does make your company profitable but when you are 10 million in the hole then there is not much hope, is it?
        .XYZ will be around because ICANN will not close it down even if the registry goes under. There are safety guards for that.

        Who “bought” DEALS.XYZ? Because I don’t think it was ever paid for. I am still waiting for some confirmation but it seems that everybody stopped talking about it…

  11. Based on the new Bill Hartzer study in the hands of a competitor any gtd on adwords can damage a brand. Therefore if I were Network Solutions I’d inform customers of this fact and tell them they took the liberty to reserve a companion domain so no one else can use it and this protection costs on 90 cents a month. Isn’t ensuring security and trust for all the time and effort you’ve already invested in your brand worth 3 cents a day? Plus you get an auxiliary domain for advertising and landing pages and you don’t have to change your existing branding to use it, With this proposition there’d be more then a 10% conversion and that makes “stuffing the box” or whatever Ron calls it a very potent marketing strategy. It all comes down to MARKETING.

    • OK now multiply that by 1000 at $20 per domain that is $20,000 per year. That is nothing to ensure security and trust. Right?

      • Now why not create another thousand New gTLDs so it would be $40k per year and they have to sign that they will give they firstborn too if they drop a domain.
        Here are a few ideas for TLDs: .rgererg, .erga ,wetr, .qwe, .qwer, .wegafsehgserhser

      • I’d call those practices “legalized extortion” to brand owners … not marketing or “brand protection” … that’s the goal of some gtlds …
        Someone here thinks that marketing can do whatever, and has no limits … well, not deceiving (or defrauding) people and respecting the law is one of those limits, Mr Frager … willing or not …
        It seems that too much “bubble euphoria” is going to someone’s head … see you when (soon) the redde rationem will come and sweep away a lot of junk …

        lol @ “Is that you Owen or Daniel hacked your email?”
        Nice one Kosta! 😉

  12. should be only 90 cents a month to continue. Or sign release so you confirm you had the chance and passed so there’s no costly UDRP later.

  13. I do not know the buyer of deals.xyz , but was informed it was bought and paid for.

    And as far as .xyz I have maybe 10 of them out of the 700 new tlds that I have purchased..

    I like many others some much better with proper combinations .. But I also like the the pets,autos,vacations with .xyz extension ..

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