2 Years Of OnlineDomain.com: 1,500 Posts, 300,000 Views and 5,000 Comments

I completely forgot about the blog’s anniversary. I started OnlineDomain.com 2 years ago on the 11th of July 2012. The anniversary coincides with the 1500th post that was made yesterday, almost 300,000 views and with more than 5,000 comments.

Again, I would like to thank my sponsors, Francois Carrillo and Domaining.com, Rolling.Domains and Escrow.com.

And I want to thank all my readers for their significant contribution either by writing comments or by sending me leads by email. This blog would not be the same without them.

OnlineDomain.com has been growing continuously since November 2013 when the blog was relaunched. June was another record month in terms of both visitors and page views (almost 30,000). All the other metrics like bounce rate and average visit duration keep improving too. Organic search, social traffic and blog subscribers are all also on the rise.


By the way I have a new logo since last month. What do you think? Should I put it in the Domaining.com feed as well?


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Congrats Konstantinos. 🙂

  2. Congrats!

    I like the new logo: I think you should put it in the Domaining.com feed.

  3. Congrats 🙂 , keep posting. We are listening

  4. Domain Observer

    Congratulations. Thanks for the good articles.

  5. Mistery Shopper

    I like the logo, just I think you could add 1 cm in width (rollingdomains will be not compromise, instead they will gain even more being next to logo that deserves respect and would be even a little more clear with

    0,8 mm.-1 cm. added in width.

    Well, it seems the lazy domainers…. 😉 could agree to start doing a little work… Is that right? If that is the case we could start to do some simple but very effective thinghs, exactly like changing a template, do

    some little changes to a logo, etc.

    Ok schoolboys, let start the second lesson 🙂
    Sit at your desk please. Are you comfortable? Good. Now please go to rectify the manner you used to write your domains. Take note please, nice schoolboys. Example:

    abc.com Who write in that stupid way a domain?!? Bad schoolboys… You have to write Abc.com, not abc.com, the same for domains like car.com, yellow.com, summerholiday.info, strawberry.biz or

    penis.wtf they have to be written ALL with the uppercase as first character: Car.com, Yellow.com, SummerHoliday.info, Strawberry.biz or Penis.wtf. They can be all good name for business, even as the only

    business name (yes on the Internet generics can work fine and even better than brandables, you know that, so they HAVE to be written ALWAYS with an uppercase as first letter, ALWAYS! That is a BUSINESS


    You have 1 week only, no more, so start to do your homework, lazy domainers….go to fix all your domains plastered everywhere in that devaluating manner, without uppercases when they have two words and in

    particular without the uppercase at the beginning for ALL of them, aven the 1-word domains (yes I know, not all of you do this mistake, but many till do it). As for the blog image this is an important rule for all: a

    good and professional image raise the value of all domains, exactly like domains written in the proper manner raise the value perceived of the entire industry (or do you write the name of a business without

    uppercases or at least one uppercase as first letter? I do not think you write the name of a business without at least the uppercase at the beginning).

    Remember schoolboys: NO UPPERCASE (at the beginning in particular), NO PARTY!

  6. Mistery Shopper

    I forgot to congratulate with you Konstantinos, keep your focus on important issues, thank you

  7. Mistery Shopper

    Just other two words to be more clear: you are the magazines and newspapers of this industry, so do not “hide” your logos, show them always in a well clear manner.

    Best to all.

  8. Congrats on two years – regarding the logo any reason why the D is cut in the middle?

  9. Mistery Shopper

    Sorry, I didn’t reply to your question. Absolutely, yes IMO you have to place your logo in the feeds and keep your face at the bottom of each post where it is now, if taht is possible.

  10. Congrats Konstantinos!
    Impressive stats and I like the new logo. I would like to see that in the Domaining.com feed.

  11. Mistery Shopper

    Do you not post the other messages Konstantinos? They were not referred to you or other bloggers of course, you all can teach the right manner to write domains, but you know there are still many people not using uppercases and I think this point is important for all….

  12. Great work! Certainly a daily read for me!

  13. Congrats Kosta! 🙂 keep up the great work!

  14. Keep up the good work. Always an interesting read.

  15. Thank you all for your kind words.
    Just trying to catch up as I had a long weekend.
    Thanks again.

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