How To BeA.Ninja: Pay $999,99/Year And You Are One!

.Ninja had a good 1st day yesterday as it entered general availability.The Rightside New gTLD reached 5,199 registrations after a just a few hours. That includes sunrise and landrush registrations. .Guru had 12,435 registrations after it’s first day but that was in the 1st batch of New gTLDs.

Today you can BeA.Ninja for $999,99 at Go Daddy.

Mike said at that .ninja has far fewer domain marked as premium. This is not what I found. Maybe he compared it to something like .vacations that came out this week but .vacations is a niche. You can use .ninja with anything if you want. I believe that there are several thousand .ninja domains marked as premium. Rightside had the whole dictionary to choose premium domains from. In my small research I found more than 100 domains with a $1,000 premium price or more at Go Daddy. I found hundreds more below $1,000. Of course I think they missed a few and maybe marked some that shouldn’t. Mike is right though that the upper lever ($1,500) in .ninja is lower that the upper lever found in the Donuts New gTLDs that is close to $13,500.

I bought a few .ninja domains and I am in a few auctions. I only bought non-premium domains as a novelty New gTLD such as .ninja in my opinion doesn’t warrant a premium. Unless you have a brand to protect. At $15 each they are less of a risk. Here are a few I bought:

I am listing below a few free and a few registered domains from the 2 highest premium levels. Prices widely range depending on the registrar. They start at $880 (up to $1,499.99 at Go Daddy) for the highest level and at $630 (up to $999,99 at Go Daddy) for the level below.

And here are a few domains from the 2 highest premium levels. The ones that are crossed out have been registered. The others are free:




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  1. They seem to have readjusted their prices. and others are now $625 on Godaddy.

  2. I do think you have a some good gtld’s, however what you have listed here is not an example. Bank.Ninja …….say what ??

  3. Konstantinos dont know why are you wasting your hard earned money wait for couple of days and invest on .properties because .ninja bullshit extension no one cares to buy it and its out of my vision.

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