New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces .NYC domain name sunrise phase

Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced the start of the first “sunrise” phase of the roll-out of the .nyc web address, beginning a five-month countdown towards the full-scale public launch in October 2014. The new .nyc domain presents a unique opportunity for New York City residents, businesses and organizations to secure a web address that sets them apart from competitors on the web and signals their direct association with The Big Apple.

The .nyc domain is part of the creation of a new class of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that will greatly expand the web’s domain name system. With the historic launch of .nyc, the City of New York will become the first city in the country with a top-level domain, creating new opportunities to support local businesses, organizations and residents, and establishing an unprecedented level of geographic authority to the digital sphere.

“New Yorkers are constantly innovating and putting this great city on the digital map,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “The launch of the .nyc domain is one of the most anticipated arrivals for the city and the Internet at large. There is no shortage of New Yorkers ready to claim their exclusive .nyc identities online, and this is their chance to reserve their piece of this city’s valuable digital real estate.”

Through .nyc, the city will generate revenue, help residents take advantage of government services, encourage local businesses to thrive, market and promote tourism, and spread the dynamic image of New York City around the world. Neustar, Inc. is the official registry operator for .nyc. In this role, the company supports all marketing efforts and operates the technical infrastructure of the .nyc domain.

Beginning today, registered trademark holders will be able to apply for a .nyc web address through one of more than 30 authorized registrars. Registrars will determine the retail annual fee of .nyc domain names, a portion of which benefits the City of New York. This initial registration round, known as the “sunrise” period, runs from May 5 to June 20, 2014. To qualify to apply for a .nyc web address during the sunrise period, brand owners must have a physical address in New York City and be registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse ( sponsored by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). For more details on the policies and procedures related to .nyc, visit

In addition, for a limited time, a select group of New Yorkers will have the chance to make history as one of the very first .nyc domain owners. The .nyc Founders Program offers qualified businesses and individuals the chance to apply to be considered a .nyc “Founder,” meaning they will not only have the opportunity to get the perfect .nyc domain before the general public, but their developed website(s) will be promoted and showcased in many of the .nyc promotional launch efforts. Interested parties can apply to participate in the .nyc Founders Program by submitting an application at the .nyc website,, from now through June 13, 2014. Only a select few will be chosen to be “Founders” and gain the notoriety and attention of being part of this exciting chapter in the evolution of New York City and the Internet.

“The launch of the .nyc web address holds great potential for all New Yorkers, whose work embodies the spirit and opportunity of such a great city,” said Lisa Hook, Neustar’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Taking advantage of the .nyc sunrise registration period and the .nyc Founders Program will give both New York City-based trademark holders and early adopters the ability to plan ahead for what will be an exciting transformation of the web and New York City itself.”

“New York City businesses are creating world-class products in almost every sector imaginable. Access to .nyc domains will allow buyers from markets around the globe to know what businesses call New York City home. This will be an incredible boost to the New York City economy and will help entrepreneurs from neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs,” said Maria Torres-Springer, Commissioner of Small Business Services.

“From the days of ‘The Big Apple’ to the digital age, New York City has long been the best-known brand in the world. That’s why today I am excited to join with the Mayor to begin the roll-out of the .nyc domain. Back in 2008, I introduced and passed a City Council Resolution in support of the .nyc acquisition. We held a hearing on its potential benefits, and it is deeply gratifying to see our efforts come to fruition. I look forward to working together to ensure that New Yorkers and small business owners in particular discover this new opportunity to brand their goods, services, and ideas as uniquely New York,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer.

“The launch of the .nyc web address will put New York City businesses and residents on the map like never before! New York has always been a trail-blazing city, and this is yet another example of our technological ingenuity, as we become the first in the country with our own top-level domain. This will not only boost New York City’s economy and help businesses grow, but it will also improve our city’s global brand. I’m very excited about this sunrise registration and look forward to the full roll-out in the months to come,” said Council Member James Vacca, Chair of the Committee on Technology.

Following the .nyc sunrise period and Founders Program, the .nyc domain will continue to roll out to the general public in a phased manner. City affiliated names will be allocated between June 25 and July 31, 2014. Next, high-value .nyc domain names will be allocated for a premium price during the “landrush” period, between August 4 and October 3, 2014, and then .nyc domain names will launch to the general public on October 8, 2014.


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