New gTLDs reach 500,000 domain name registrations (.link is at 20,000 but…)

New gTLDs surpassed 500,000 domain name registrations today reaching 531,665 registrations with the help of 5 Uniregistry new gtlds that launched yesterday and .buzz. Here are their first day registration numbers:

buzz  796
gift  4894
guitars  513
link  20050
photo  5347
pics  2368

Not sure what the real registration numbers are because yesterday Uniregistry registered a lot of their registry reserved domain names to a company they probably own named North Sound Names. I asked Frank is he owns this company but have not heard back yet. So these domains now appear in the zone files. .Photo and .link must be really at above 2000 registrations each.

The top New gTLD is still .guru and .berlin is number two.

Here are the New gTLDs over 10000 domain name registrations and their registration count according to Real numbers are probably 2% or more higher than what appear below because domain name with no nameservers don’t appear on zone files.

1. .guru 50,347 9.23%
2. .berlin 45,963 8.42%
3. .photography 32,343 5.93%
4. .email 22,600 4.14%
5. .today 20,119 3.69%
6. .link 20,050 3.67%
7. .tips 20,028 3.67%
8. .company 14,847 2.72%
9. .technology 13,453 2.47%
10. .center 12,534 2.30%
11. .sexy 12,431 2.28%
12. .directory 12,381 2.27%
13. .solutions 11,085 2.03%
14. .land 10,429 1.91%
15. .clothing 10,337 1.89%
16. .bike 10,220 1.87%

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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. UNregistry = North Sound
    collusion, false appearances…smoke and mirrors.
    Insulting the domainers intelligence?

    promise of all domains available at the gate is broken.

    Good grief.

  2. Yeah, it’s a funny old story, for sure.

    I asked Schilling on Twitter what the story was. He avoided my question about his relationship with North Sound and said that Uniregistry had always “contemplated registry-assets in each string which will be boutiqued over time”.

    People will no doubt be excited to know what these premium names are that the mysterious North Sound have got their hands on pre-market. A couple of minutes being juvenile has indicated that they own the following beauties among others:

    Look out for these exciting domains at North Sounds website soon. Oh – they don’t have a website yet.

  3. In the chart above, what does the middle column of numbers represent? 14, 0, 10, 44, 4, 3, 303 …

    I clicked through to and they have the other 4 columns showing in their charts (but not that middle column)…

  4. Lol, +1 for house. of. cards. +1 for hype. Losing respect for Frank with each move.

    Always knew he was just another one of those snake oil salesman trying to flood the market with a diarrhea of garbage gtlds and taking advantage of the public confusion under the auspices of “expanding the Internet.” <- ha ha, what? Market-y enough?

    Even sadder to see these greedy savages are actually qualified registry operators. Seriously? No agenda there, right guys? /sarcasm.

  5. I hope you guys didn’t spend your lonely days searching for .link domains, North Sound Names is registered at Uniregistry so it seems to be affiliated. Unregistry is a domainer owned registry, so you have to see their point of view, they are in the business of selling domains, and what better domains to sell than their own. There was a reasoning behind the low entry price, it was because you would not be getting the larger searched keywords, more brandable inventory.

    Sorry guys, I would stick to what you know best .com.

  6. From the stats it looks like .buzz was a big bust, then again they have hoarded everything for 4-5 figure pay days, good luck.

  7. 20k link ! .. this is a nice surprise .. i dont like him but congratulation frank, well done

  8. Frank has really been two faced about all this. He could have been upfront and we would all understand as everyone wants to make a profit. Instead he said no hold-backs first come first served. what he really meant was first comes Registry hold-back, then comes North Sound Names, then comes the suckers, you and me.

  9. I bought only one domain and I’m happy.

  10. The more marketing I do, the more convinced I am that I am not going to be registering any new TLDs. Even .COM domains are hard to sell.

    • @Leonard, i’m with you, i have not registered any of the new extensions or even a .com in awhile.
      I’m sitting back with my popcorn reading all the great blogs.
      IMO, this is starting to look like a big sloppy.mess

  11. “the luckiest MOFOS” Monte @ 10 seconds
    guess who was the first domainer to registrer a .link at UNIregistry…?
    = Compadre Mike.

    “consumer choice and enhance competition”
    ICANN @ Minute 2, 42 seconds

    “When we do our landrush….we are going to put out everything AVAILABLE..,like the BEST names” @ Minute 6 ….

  12. Frank @ After watching the video minute 6 .LINK was not the “mother of opportunities”

    I spent about 8 hours putting a list of 300 name together and then going to and and try each name separately just to find out that all of them were taken before i could even pre-register.

    Anyway I’M DONE.

    I already registered 200 some names .TIPS .TODAY .SOLUTIONS .GLASS .ESTATE .SHOES .SEXY and i pre-register some .CLUB and I’m waiting for .WEB

    If gtlds will be success i will make it with 200 names plus the .club

    What happens now with the new TLDs did not happened when the first say 15 extensions came out.
    In a way i do sympathize with you (gTLDs registries) you find out that there are not to many names being bought and now you are trying to make up for it.
    It’s understandable.

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