New gTLD Domain Sales: 5 sold for $12,500+, 6 for $3,000+ and 25 for $1,200+ (,

This past week the following 6 Donuts New gTLDs entered general availability with EAP: .academy, .center, .company, .computer, .management and .systems.

Some of the sales are difficult to find as a few domains don’t have nameserves and don’t appear in the zone files. Only sales over $1,000 are listed here.

There were 5 domain names sold on the 1st day of the EAP for about $12,500 each or more depending on the registration/renewal prices (premium level or no premium). These are the domains with who the buyer was: ( ( ( ( was registered 1 week after by a guy named Forward.

Click here to see all past sales for over $10,000.

There were 6 domain names sold on the 2nd day of the EAP for about $3,000 each or more depending on the registration/renewal prices (premium level or no premium):
(Zyrra LLC)
( was one of the few domains that I was watching. Good one!

There were also 25 domain names bought at about $1200 each in the third day of EAP.

Michael Berkens and Worldwide Media, Inc. got the domain Now that is a great domain! bought the domains and but didn’t get that was registered 4 days later and much cheaper. (but it could have premium renewals)

Nokta bought a few domains such as and

Scandinavian Health System AS bought what I believe was one of the best domains:

The total Donuts EAP purchases from just the first 3 days is at about $110,000 or more depending on the premium domain names.

I also checked all the corresponding domain names in .com (including some plurals) and found 5 that were sitting unregistered today:

A lot of the registered .com domains are owned by domainers and domain companies such as Huge Domains, Nokta, DOTCOMAGENCY.COM and Name Administration Inc.

Some of the purchases above might be higher that reported if the domain name is labeled as premium. Premium registration/renewals start at $50 and go all the up to $1500 per year. Prices are approximate and depend on what each registrar charges on top of the registry fee.

You can register a domain name using the Donuts EAP that is available in registrars that sell Donuts gTLDs. EAP prices start at about $12,500 and are lowered within the course of the week until they reach the regular registration cost after the 7 day period. The EAP wholesale registrar prices are:
$10,000 (day1)
$2,500 (day2)
$950 (day3)
$500 (day4)
$100 (days 5-7)

Go Daddy’s early access prices are at about $12,539.99 for day one, $3,164.99 for day two, $1,239.99 for day three, $689.99 for day four and $189.99 for days five to seven. After day seven the regular registration cost applies.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. abudhabi company .com was a great reg, i think you should have reg, lot of billionaire companies in that region

  2. (delaware is a state, the following .company in states are avaliable right now) – is gone (was ava few hours ago)

  3. I researched some for a few days, before deciding to register zero in .computer, .company, and .systems. For the record, it seems that Donuts is reserving a large number of domains these days, in keywords that were available previously.

  4. Acro, do you mean that they are reserving domains that were available for pre-order?

    • I think he means that as they roll out new gTLDs every week they reserve more and more of the best keywords.
      e.g. If “help” was available for .guru, now it is not for .training.

      And more and more domains are set to premium. Getting harder to get good and cheap domains.

      • Ah ok – I was asking because I just saw domains that I pre-registered two weeks ago suddenly become “reserved” by Donuts.

      • 2 weeks ago you couldn’t know what domains were going to be available for this week’s new gTLDs:

        E.g. Sunrise registrations are done 2 days before strings go live.

      • I don’t understand – I was under the impression that Donuts (and all registries for that matter) reserved names weeks before. For example, “” is already reserved by Donuts, and sunrise is still active until April 19th. That means they’ve reserved “” more than one month in advance.

        What I have experienced is that, for example, “” is currently not reserved. Let’s say I pre-order it today. Maybe a week before GA, it is suddenly showing as reserved by Donuts. This is what has happened with some of the domains I pre-ordered.

      • They can register domains for their own use as soon as they get delegated. They use these domains.

        But they can reserve any domain they want up to the General Availability release.

        When you order months in advance you don’t know if Donuts has applied the ICANN reserved lists, the collision list, sunrise is not over and Donuts has not reserved their names. This all is done up to the last couple of days before release.

  5. I got:

  6. I registered a new gTLD domain at reg fee general availability price and I must say that what those people paid at EAP price for most of those domains above makes me cringe. They totally misjudged the potential of these names. may make a profit but a really small one. I bought mine at reg fee and can sell it for high 6 figures maybe even 7. Domainers and investors were going crazy over .guru and other gTLDs that they completely missed the one I snatched up.

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