Hustler.Clothing New gTLD Domain Name Suspended Because Of Pending WHOIS Verification

The New gTLD domain name has been suspended for 2 weeks now. The domain name is owned by Larry Flint Productions that is the owner of Hustler magazine and

The domain was suspended because ICANN and the 2013 RAA require that the domain registrant’s contact information or changes to the registrant’s WHOIS information be verified within 15 calendar days. If the data is not verified in this timeframe, ICANN mandates that the website be suspended pending the verification.

The domain was registered on February 6th and was suspended on March 3rd. That is already 15 days that the domain has been suspended and no one at Larry Flint Productions has

noticed it or noticed the email message asking for the whois verification.

The domain is registered with Enom and this is the message it displays now:

hustler.clothingAll registrars offering New gTLDs have signed the 2013 RAA so all New gTLDs are subject to this whois verification. Of course all other domain names that are registered at these registrars are also subject to this whois verification.

The email that is associated with the domain name is and is not resolving.

According to the email is associated with 2475 domain names. All these domains may become suspended if they receive a verification email and this is not addressed properly within 15 days.

Larry Flint Productions also own the domain name that is resolving but the domain name Hustler.Clothing is the domain that is featured at the bottom of although there is no link:

hustler.clothing2The suspension of the domain name Hustler.Clothing will be removed after the WHOIS information is successfully verified.


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  1. I just emailed their attorney, I know him because they UDRP’d my in 2012, I had it for 12 years and didn’t realize it was a TM Hustler Magazine, they dropped the UDRP when I gave them the domain, it wasn’t worth a fight, they have a legit Magazine and TM since before I reg’d the domain so I had no problems with it.

    The attorney was a nice guy, I just told him to tell Larry his names are getting suspended and his email site isn’t working, I also gave them shit about why did they pay for a UDRP on and take it from me and then just let it expire and now it is reg’d by somebody else recently, I guess I shouldn’t have said anything because they will probably take it from the new owner now, oops…

  2. Right? I seriously didn’t know, I guess I just didn’t put 2 and 2 together, I had definitely heard the term which is why I reg’d the domain but I never bought the magazine, I thought it was just a generic term, once I was made aware of the errors of my ways I had no problem giving them the domain…

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