Shady, strange and funny sunrise domain name registrations (,

On Monday I did a post on sunrise results for .diamonds, .enterprises, .voyage and .tips new gTLDs. I also noticed some funny, strange and more disturbingly some shady domain name registrations.

As usual there was the occasional sunrise registration using a questionable trademark like this:

There was a sunrise registration for the domain name Can you guess what the trademark class for the mark “car insurance” is? You will never find it:

13 – Firearms; ammunition and projectiles; explosives; fireworks.

The trademark was also registered in Switzerland as the mark for “build” and using Do you see a pattern here?

Don’t get me started on these domains below. (Same owner together with the usual Switzerland/ combination) They deserve their own post:

These people are ruthless. Wait until they start filling UDRP complaints using bullshit trademarks.

CBS Studios Inc. bought Don’t get me wrong but is there more than one? Were they afraid that some fan will buy it? They also got

There were also some crazy (e.g. 3-dashes) registrations like these:


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  1. One thing the Swiss connected domains above have in common is that they are all prospective new TLDs.

  2. Some are registered by gTLD registries of other gTLDs. I’m sure there’s a big question mark about ICANN’s ability to regulate this mess.

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