All good .tattoo and .sexy domains are not available. The reason is unknown…

Just a few minutes ago Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry New gTLDs, .tattoo and .sexy, launched. A lot of people were excited as Frank had said that domains will be registered on a first-come first-served basis.

I don’t know what is going on but there is a big problem because first of all it seems that the various pre-registrations have not worked or have not kicked in yet.

I am not sure how Uniregistry is handling pre-registrations but I know for sure that I had a pre-registration for a domain name at 2 different registrars and I managed to hand-register the domain 3 minutes after the general availability kicked in.

The main problem is that all good domain names are shown as not registered but no one can register them. And these domains are not part of the sunrise as all sunrise domain names have been allocated to the mark owners. eg:

There are few domain names like and that are in the ICANN collision list and are not available at this time.

But domains like and should have been available.
At a certain registrar I get a message that the domains I am trying to register are “restricted by policy “Premium Domain for .tattoo””.

Are there premium .tattoo domains? I thought Frank said there aren’t any. And the 100 domains that Frank kept for registry use are shown as registered.

If you add the domains that ICANN has restricted you can get the picture:
“domain contains word “idea” restricted by policy “Intergovernmental Organizations””

I only saw a couple of the domain names from my list get registered. Both were hand-registered:

I didn’t had a list for .sexy domains but I see that and are in the ICANN collision list so these are not available at this time.

Did you manage to get any good .tattoo or .sexy domain names?

Frank said: “There are a few thousand registry assets that we’ll use for marketing and 6000 names on the ICANN blocked list. Rest are now available. We had a bug this AM that was just fixed.”


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  1. I spent about $500 on pre-registrations for the 2 extensions, I only got 2 domains, geo names are not showing up, other alright popular names are not showing up, refunds have been already awarded, and I can still put in a hand register request for the domains, and the money is taken at checkout once again.

    Looks like the platform got overwhelmed by the requests, but you are right, names that should not be reserved, are being blocked.

  2. On my failed registration reports it is stating the geo names are reserved.

  3. You also cannot get privacy on these domains.

  4. Used two registrars to pre-register a domain and one of them caught it. Then my hand-registrations went through (same registrar as before.) while another failed to beat another registrant’s hand registration. The unavailability of some keywords can be attributed to some queues still being processed.

    • In regards to, since you block any criticism of new extensions on your blog and close threads on the forum:

      “You don’t think it’s a problem that already exists? And that whoever tries to build on, will leak traffic to the .com, confusion etc.?”

  5. Based on Frank’s word that the premiums would not be held back, I spent many hours creating my .tattoo list and pre-registering at multiple registrars, and it turns out that 38 out of the 39 names I was after are all unavailable (not registered by someone else, just unavailable). I got the other 1 name. What an annoying waste of my time.

  6. Sounds like you’re having a nightmare! I respect Mr.Schilling for his mark in domaining, but I don’t see any investment value in these gTLDs – Well maybe apart from the odd few?

    But I think they will eventually sell well to general users.

    I know I’ll be proved wrong by an exodus of speculation.

  7. @ Steve

    make that 2 of us, money tied up for a week, all ques should be clear by now, I had 2 of the same backorders at 2 different companies both failed, and name sits unregistered.

    The multi ONETWO.GTLD are going thru, some of the higher end ONE.GTLD are reserved.

  8. Did Frank ever say there would be *no* reserved premiums? I recall him saying there would only be a small number. But small is a subjective measurement, of course.

    • Donuts stated on whois registry reserved, people tied up money in reservations, not knowing, I do not think that is very cool.

    • I read an interview where he was asked if there were going to be reserved domains.
      He didn’t say there are going to be reserved domains.

      Q: .sexy and .tattoo are your first released GTLDs. Do you have any restrictions on registering them, and will you be holding back any premium keywords?

      Frank Schilling: There will be no restrictions. In order to obtain a fast-track to market, ICANN has mandated that we hold certain domain-names back from release for security and stability reasons. We had a choice of waiting till the cows come home to get through these security issues, or going live now and holding those names from the market.. here are some examples of the types of names we need to hold back.. You can see there are some good ones in there but also lots of junk. The size of the lists range from a few hundred to tens of thousands, depending on the extension. The rest of the names will be available at registration price.

  9. I am getting plurals and regional geos

  10. Tried to register several .tattoo and .sexy at and
    They were available for registration but after paying, their system said there was unable to complete the transaction. The worst is they continue flagged as available at the registrar and the WHOIS shows nothing.

  11. Hope the registrars will refund as only one name was registered, the other 5 were charged but not delivered and still look available (or reserved who know?)

  12. The only name anyone is getting today is REFUND

  13. Just hand-registered another premium .sexy domain. All with

  14. I don’t care nor I blame Uniregistry if they want to reserve some names.

    But please Uniregistry, registrars, clearly announce if a domain is reserved and don’t let the customer spend time (and hassles to get a refund) and money registering and paying a name you know from the begining he cannot be registered. Without say you demotivate buyers who potentially try first to register the best names.

    • Domains need clear indication in whois if they are available for registration or not. (for whatever reason)
      This was a waste of everyone’s time.

      And it’s does seem to be over today as this will trouble everyone trying to register a .tattoo or .sexy domain in the upcoming days, months or even years.

  15. I gave up, will use my gtld funds tom, or next week, just to much work. Spent 2.5 hours, plus research time, wasted.

  16. It seems like they are reserved or something went terribly wrong, more likely the first. I only managed to scrape the bottom of the barrel on my list but still ended up with a couple of nice names.

    It would have been nice to know if a domain was reserved beforehand though so that I did not have to even try and pre-register them/spend time trying to hand register.

  17. This is the constant errors I got: [.TATTOO Premium Domain]

  18. Just moved to as Theo suggested, there and incredibly I was able to register a name I just paid previously at and they failed to deliver.
    But what is weird is I just received an email the registration should take 24H to be completed: Hummmm!!??

    I will not say it’s a fiasco as I received today the domain I preregistered a pair of weeks ago:
    But today something is going wrong for sure with registration, probably a technical glitch. I hope the responsable (registry or registrars) will fix it soon so we will all quickly forget these incidents.

  19. does anybody know wich *whois* i can use for the 2 domains

  20. I got a few:

    and i’m waiting 3 more to resolve one way or the other.

    • Congrats, on getting something, .I think is the best of the bunch.

      Some of the others would be difficult to market to end users.

  21. Frank said: “There are a few thousand registry assets that we’ll use for marketing and 6000 names on the ICANN blocked list. Rest are now available. We had a bug this AM that was just fixed.”

  22. Thanks Ryan

    I just got confirmation from that i DID NOT get the other 4

  23. Finally got confirmation of the domains that I got today.

    I have a felling that I’m going to wake up tomorrow and find all the other domains that I wanted all registered.

  24. What have your average prices been per name?

  25. What happend to the $10 domain registration numbers, costing almost 2.5 projected for .tattoo?

  26. Just called 101domain about a few .sexy domains in my account that are pending and neither denied nor approved. The rep said that Uniregistry reserved some domains at the last second and my domains were on that list.

    I am not sure if this is true but I hope not – I spent a good 4 hours researching and pre-registering domains.

  27. The one thing I am learning from the new GTLD’s, seems all of us are just pawns, and the registries are pulling back, more, and more premium domains, and forcing us to register the pigeon shit. I mean the launch today was a total disaster, when you have prepaid reservations, getting beat out by hand reg’s, maybe the Godaddy’s were smart to stay away from this, imagine the toll it takes on their customer service levels. I do not see how .sexy can get to 100k registrations by year end. All the good names are reserved, and domainers did a good job of combing thru what was left. Unless everyone goes, and registers their name, which is sort of cheesy, I don’t see it.

  28. Ryan
    Go grab some, i just did 5 min ago.There are still some left.I just got this:

    • @Rich

      Who is going to buy those domains from you? The extension is more of a fun extension, and less business, or adult oriented online due to guidelines. People that are in it for the fun of it, do not pay big dollars to buy aftermarket domains.

      I respect your aptitude in trying to secure solid keywords, but after dealing with end users for years, I just do not see a market for the list of names you just purchased. I think is decent if you can get an outlet mall to buy it for marketing, other ones, I can’t see.

  29. Rich – I gotta say there was a reason those 6 domains were sitting there… honestly none of those make any sense and do not fit the string.

    • In all due fairness to Rich is an escort agency, and is a sales site for a lingerie store, those might be good customers.

      Otherwise regular .com principals do not apply, the majority of people buying gtld domains in the secondary market right now are domainers, end users are still in the .com business.

      If you want to pay $30 per name/ per year to find out, that is your right, and the pay off is yours, best of luck going forward with your names.

      I think the winners will be the ones who use their cash for the right extensions, I am looking down the line at pr-registrations for some names that are coming up, and they want $500-600 just for pre-registration orders on some extensions at the time of general availability. This is where the domainers are getting scalped now, there are enough guys buying so I cannot blame the companies for capitalizing on their bottom dollar.

      • And yes I will not pay $500 or even $25 for some pre-registration that might not work next year.
        (BTW $500 for pre-registrations is ridiculous.)
        I can’t loan all that cash to registrars before I know the pre-registrations will actually work.
        And even if I could it’s a tax nightmare for me.

      • Who is the real winner here guys?

        Pre-Registration takes place after the Sunrise and Landrush periods. We will attempt to reserve a specific domain name for you before it reaches General Availability, similar to a backorder.













        Priority Pre-Registration



      • What registrar has these prices?

  30. It’s funny how people see things differently.
    Guys i spent $120 bucks.If in couple years it turn out i bought garbage i will drop.It’s not the end of world.To me they were decent.

  31. I GOT

  32. Frank’s comment at Twitter:

    Bumpy launch today but we learned lots. Registrar launch this Mar. Registrants buying at $20 today ALL made money IMHO. More deals out there

    • I would say it was a little more than bumpy and that I don’t really see much value in the .sexy it is more of a novelty item, in which the novelty will wear off when renewal comes around. (Still didn’t stop myself registering a couple though).

      A couple of domains might sell though but, I don’t really see that many doing so especially since most of the domain that people got where just scraps, I wonder how much they are going to charge to register/buy something like later on.

  33. I also tried to reserve some domains before GA, but without success, they are all still request pending, I don’t know anything, and whois “doesn’t work”…
    I thought Godaddy, 1and1 and all registrars that boycotted Uniregistry were acting against a competitor…(“defending” Sedo, TDNAM-Afternic..), but now I have really the doubt that they understood Schilling maybe would have reserved all the best domains, may be even doing frontrunning… I know these are bad thoughts, but who can you avoid them?!?
    I known domainers can’t be registers too…

    • Donuts was giving some incentive to the registrars with the high renewal prices on premium domains and the EAP pricing.
      Go Daddy pocketed $2,500 for every $12,500 that it sold.
      And the fact that all good domains were reserved didn’t help either.

  34. I recently bought TATTOO(.)BLACK
    Konstantinos, what .BLACK domains do you got?

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