Donuts new gTLDs reach 150,000 registrations as more TLDs are coming: .DOMAINS, .COMPANY, .EMAIL

Over the course of the last month, 25 Donuts new gTLDs have entered the general availability phase, and to date Donuts claims in today’s newsletter to have registered over 150,000 domains. Today’s zone numbers are at about 149,000 registrations so that leaves about 1000+ domains with no nameservers. That number seems right.

Here are the numbers of the Donuts new gTLD domain name registrations:

GURU 37958
TODAY 8608
BIKE 7594
LAND 5528
TIPS 427
Total: 149082

Donuts’ TLD Launches for March:

March 5

March 12

March 19

March 26

Anticipated Sunrise

March 4

March 11

March 18


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I noticed .com lost over 13,000 registrations, while the. net and org lost over 6000 yesterday alone. All major extensions are now in the red as they are no longer gaining. Those are chilling numbers for the skeptics of the New G’s……..

    • To be fair 13,000 registrations for .com is like 4 .guru domains.
      And that loss could be because of any kinda of reasons. (such as because Sunday have very small amount of registrations compared to other days.)
      We must look at the overall trend possibly at the end of 2014.

  2. No way even 1% of end users have grasped GTLD”s, above poster is correct weekends are much slower, just look at parking income.

  3. Aaron, that’s pretty normal stuff if you’ve looked at past numbers. And “chilling” is again, pretty ridiculous, even most buyers of the new gtlds would tell you that.

    So .com has 112 million + and you think they’re shaking in their boots from (according to RegistrarStats) yesterday:

    .bike – 32
    .clothing – 52
    .singles – 19
    .ventures – 18
    .graphics – 45
    .plumbing -14
    .lighting – 32
    .holdings – 9
    .camera – 35
    .contractors – 48
    .construction – 41
    .kitchen – 106

    etc. Do those look like winning numbers to you? Keep in mind when .web comes out, these will probably be an afterthought. It’ll probably do better that .co, probably will get it’s own Super Bowl commercial since it’s the most generic and that’s where you put your ad dollars at.

  4. Aaron,
    I am starting to get annoyed by your “enthusiasm”. You have turned into Jeff Schneider of the dot co time period. There are a lot of ways to make money in domain investing. New gTLDs are merely ONE way. Please quit pretending and using data to make it seem better than it is. You come across as a blinded pumper rather than an educated investor with statements like that above. I love the new gTLDS and the new blood and opportunity they bring but between the fake excitement to bring new gTLD advertisers or this pumping, things need to relax a little. There is a lot more to come, let’s take it slow and easy. But at least you are putting your money where your big mouth is. Let’s see how long your bank account holds up as we get 1000 more of these things though.

    • If you are getting annoyed by my “enthusiasm” you probably should find some “enthusiasm” of your own……….There is no “pumping” or “fakeness” to me. However, I am concerned about several of the industry veterans such as yourself……..You got issues bro!…….Plant a seed and watch it grow, don’t step on other’s peoples garden if you don’t like it……

  5. Shane,

    Thanks !
    Finally someone told it to Aaron Strong…
    I feel annoyed too by all this pumping.
    Aaron is a rookie, if he had watched numbers for a longer time, he would know .COM losing 13,000 domains on a sunday is usual.

    Pretending all major extensions are now in the red because of New gtld’s is plain ridiculous !

    In 5 week days, total number of dotcom domain names will increase by 120,000 so close to the total number of all new gtld’s added since their launch.


  6. Aaron,
    The difference between me and you is I actually know how to plant real seeds, know how to get them to grow, and then sell the plants for real money. Not analogies, not words, but a business model. I don’t step on people’s gardens, I sell them everything they need to make that garden and let them do the work……literally. Don’t you worry about the industry veterans (thank you for calling me one), everyone got here through hard work, conviction, and some some good and bad mistakes, but not one person was saying “I told you so” 2 weeks into their purchases. It took years, even decades to realize true success. You think you’ve called it right and I’ve got a razor blade I’ve been using older than your domain names……..and it’s still sharper than you

    • In 2002 I bought 50 .info domains like,, and
      I spend about $7500 for them. I had no idea what the fuck I was doing.
      I tried to read the forums and take it from there.
      I must admit that hand registering in 2000 helped me with renewals for a couple of years.

      I am not sure what Aaron’s experience is with domains but I can assure you that he reads a lot of the blogs.
      He sure is learning, like I am with new gtlds every day.

      When I sold the following year for $10,000 I knew I was on to something.

      • This would be more like somebody buying a lot of .name, .tel etc. When he says he thinks .com will be antiquated one day, he’s telling you he’s not very experienced at all. At least your .info and the 2 I just named have some numbers behind them. These don’t.

      • @Zournas,

        I try to avoid personal micro and personal business debates, such as your portfolio; but since you put your .info investments on the table, let’s look at an aspect of it that matters:

        In order to compare apples to apples, we would have to pit your .info investments to someone who invested in dot com around the same period, that’ll be 2002; that person would be Frank Schilling.

        Are you ready?

        (I only own one .info, which I will develop soon into an abbreviation type of resource).

  7. If these new gTLDs are open worldwide to register, it means, since they opened for business, only one name was registered per city in the world; no one in the villages, or suburbs got one; and not even every city got one registered.

    That means one gTLD registered in Los Angeles, one in NYC, and one in Milan. Tsk tsk tsk..

    If the public adopted them, you’ll be seeing numbers in the millions, a day.

    • Come on people. One says new gtlds are white and the the other says it’s black.
      But the truth is always grey.
      Actually I don’t see any color right now. It is a blur.
      Maybe in a year or two we know more.

      We need to see how things change as more new gtlds come out. And the more popular ones will not a year or two…

      • @Zournas, my friend:

        You realize that all I’ve been trying to find out from you is whther you are a dot com guy or not?

        Not whether dot com is good or bad. All this time all I wanted to know was that. Now I realize that you are not. There’s nothing wrong with making money with .info, .US, new G’s etc. It’s just knowing the facts that’s all.

        During the debate period, when Schwartz was active in the discuss, I could swear you were anti-new GTLDs, based on your presentation, only to be stunned by some of your actions. You are not the only one with a diversified portfolio; I have some.

        However, there’s a different debate taking place, and that is if ICANN should come into the neighborhood and tear it up, introduce uncountable new TLDS? That’s a whole different debate. I take the position that it is confusing, and wrong. Not whether money can be made or not.

        In light of what’s going on, I’m for dot-less internet, for example. I’ve been urging you to relax, or stay focused, only because there’s a macro issue on the table.

        We all hold different investment strategies; I judge not, so that I may not be judged. My debate is limited to the issue of confusion presented by the menace of the new gTLDS, NOT your portfolio, and successful sales.

      • I have told you what I am.
        I am a .com (is king), .org, .info, .biz, .us, .gr, (some) new gtlds guy.
        Nothing more, nothing less.

        The discussion was completely off at that time.
        People were saying that .com is dead or that it will die slowly.
        .com is not going to die and will not lose value. That is all crap marketing.
        100 will hear that and 1 will believe it.
        That 1 is enough for now.
        Because the market is growing and more money is to be made.

        There is no ICANN debate. The new gTLDs are here and more will follow in 5 years.

        And there is going to be confusion. People make money during the confusion.
        But not the confused ones…

        I bring facts and numbers and try to find some order.
        I am writing this blog because it helps me find that order.
        I hope I can help a couple of people along the line.

      • @Zournas,

        And that is a noble goal. I participate in your blog because it allows all of us to debate the issues, and attempt to enlighten all. We can only do this with courage, and forthrightness.

        However, it is what it is. This new gTLDs are not like your gambit with .info; it is not about making money. This time around, this animal has the capacity to destroy, or at least, confuse.

        But I accept your explanation, and I’m ready to move on.

      • How can you doubt he is a .com guy, he owns over 5000 .com’s, he obviously has a invested interest, and does not want to see it go away in a quick gtld instance.

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