Follow the domain sales – sells for $6,218: seller leaves money on the table (domain was bought for $20,452)

Sedo announced today the sale of the domain name for the amount of 4,544 EUR or $6,218., that is a Landrush 2 domain name, was bought in 2008 for $20,452. The buyer from Italy sold the domain today and took a pretty bad hit of about $15,000 if we take into account the 15% Sedo fee.

And considering the circumstances then it is much worse than that…

That is because 2 weeks back Sedo announced the sale of the domain for 75000 Euro or $103,318 USD and also the sale of the domain for 35000 Euro.

Both domains were bought by dutch company Thuisbezorgd.NL that also owns the domain Whois for the domain name has not yet been updated but I am pretty certain that it will the the same buyer.

That is why I follow domain name sales and I think that all domainers should. If a company is on a buying spree and you are not the first domain they buy then you might know who the buyer is (and what they have paid so far). If you get an anonymous offer you can then price your domain name accordingly.

I believe that the seller of left a lot of money on the table… If you have a “pizza” domain name please be on the lookout…


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