ICANN enters into a USD 4 million agreement with IBM for Trademark Clearinghouse

ICANN and IBM negotiated the terms for a proposed statement of work for operation of the Sunrise and Trademark Claims services offered by the Trademark Clearinghouse. The New gTLD Program Committee has reviewed the terms of the proposed Statement of Work for ICANN. Approval is required to commit ICANN funds in the amount of USD 4 million. Execution of the agreement enables continuation of the technical build out to support these services for the New gTLD Program.

On the 26th of March 20013 the New gTLD Program Committee authorized the President and CEO to enter into the proposed agreement with IBM.

The Trademark Clearinghouse is an essential part of the rights protection mechanisms within the New gTLD Program. Successful operation of the Sunrise and Trademark Claims services is an important component of the services offered by the Clearinghouse. Authorizing the President and CEO to enter into the agreement reinforces ICANN‘s accountability in meeting the commitments it has made regarding the ongoing operation, availability and continuity of the Clearinghouse.

Entering into this agreement will have a fiscal impact on ICANN in the amount of USD 4,000,000 at a maximum. This is anticipated within the budget for the New gTLD Program. The approval of this agreement is not expected to have any impact on the security, stability or resiliency of the DNS.


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