(Internet Traffic) requires registrant identification because of Google (Internet Traffic) send an email today to all its users asking them to setup their parking accounts.

In an effort to improve the quality of traffic and deliver better advertising to parked domains, their upstream ad-provder, Google, has begun a domain registrant identification program which requires Domain Name Sales to maintain accurate contact information for every account. Clients that park domains with Internet Traffic must complete this step to continue using this ad feed and the enhancements earmarked for it.

DNS asks users to visit the following link and complete the requested information:

All contact information will be kept private and is not displayed publicly anywhere on DNS website(s) – they only use it to identify who you are.

During the parking verification users will be asked to confirm that:

  • I agree that I will not click on the ads on my domains.

Please note that this does not affect your ability to list your domains for sale on and is purely a requirement from Google.


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  1. I verified my account yesterday.

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