Internet Traffic/DomainNameSales January Update

Frank Schilling send the January update for Internet Traffic/DomainNameSales yesterday.

On Friday the broker directory on the site was rolled out. The broker directory will let any serious broker, any salesperson, from any platform offer their services and create relationships with clients using the ITC/DNS parking and sales platforms. An accepted broker will have the opportunity to market themselves to users on our platform, while domain portfolio owners can utilize the services of any broker they want, when they want. The DNS platform will allow sellers to split some or all of their sales inquiries from various portfolios to these individual salespeople/brokers that are accepted into the program. In order to continue to provide such cutting edge services, brokers will be required to pay a referral fee to DNS, however the price to ITC/DNS clients still remains the same, zero.

In exchange brokers and salespeople will be able to draw qualified leads from our clients who have opted-in to this service. This platform will allow the most serious and best performing salespeople and sales organizations to be identified and rewarded.

For example Frank says that he presently gets 700 sales inquiries a day… not all of those are completely sincere, but these are real inquiries which need further refining. He says that as a portfolio owner you are better off raising your prices and delegating sales leads to brokers who have some skin in the game. That is the best way I know of to increase your deal flow and volume. He estimates there are 7-10 times the number of sales inquiries as his own, across the rest of the clients using our platform… that’s 4900 – 7000 sales inquiries a day that need to be worked.

Frank also said: “brokers who previously would have liked to act for our clients, but couldn’t, may now identify themselves in our broker directory. Once listed, they can offer their services, memorialize commission structures, and begin working our leads and those of our clients, who choose to engage them. Our clients can continue handling their own sales-leads or they can gross-up asking prices and choose the most effective brokers and salespeople from our Broker Directory to distribute some or all of their sales leads to. Once you find a broker who meets your criteria and who you feel comfortable with, you can create advanced round-robins and lead splitting, to allocate sales inquiries to those who work best for you.”

Finally Frank invited brokers and domainers to join ITC/DNS: “If you are a domainer with clean names or you know of one who could benefit by parking on our platform, this would be a very good time to invite them aboard. If you know of a broker who could benefit by tapping a well of thousands of daily inquiries this would be a good opportunity to invite them to offer their services in our Broker Directory.”

ITC/DNS will be attending Webfest in February.


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