Tumblr files 9 UDRP complaints for typo domains – will it win them all?

Tumblr, Inc. has filed 9 separate UDRP complaints at the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center. All complaints were filed in the past 2 weeks and all 9 disputed domains appear to be typos of Tumblr.com. The complaints were filed for these 9 domains names:

The problem I see is that that Tumblr was launched on April 27, 2007 and Tumblr’s earliest trademark was registered on November 24, 2009. All 6 domains were registered prior to this date. But the trademark has a “FIRST USE IN COMMERCE” date of 19th of February 2007. But again, the domains tumbl.com and tmblr.com were both registered in April 2006. That is long before Tumblr was launched. So even if Tumblr can further submit evidence that it had commercial strength long prior to November 24, 2009, it won’t be able to prove bad faith registration in April 2006. These 2 complaints must fail.

Will Tumblr firle complaints for other typos as well? (tamblr.com, umblr.com) What do you think?


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