Ebay gets a new logo after 17 years

In September 1995, Ebay was created as a marketplace for people to buy and sell practically anything. Last week Ebay introduced a new look for the eBay brand by revealing their new logo, it’s first change since 1995.

Ebay retained core elements of their old logo, including the color palette. The 4 eBay colors and touching letters now use a different font and are lined up. Another difference with the old logo is that the letters in the company name no longer overlap or float around at different heights.

New Ebay Logo

The new Ebay logo has not yet been incorporated in the Ebay.com website. If you visit the Ebay.com website, the old logo is still active:

Old Ebay Logo

I liked the old ebay logo. It was playful and vibrant. The new logo seems more professional though.

You can see the complete Ebay.com announcement here.

This logo change doesn’t come long after Microsoft changed it’s logo after 25 years last month.


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  1. Why change something that worked well? The new eBay logo looked great and was very effective. The new one is boring and makes the brand lose its most important element, the letter “e”. The trailing “y” is more dominant, oh why?! At least, it’s not as bad as the new PASOK logo LOL

  2. ebay should be spending time to figure out how sellers can share in their success instead of these distractions. That’s why the economy sucks, these big companies, ebay, google etc wants all the money for themselves, very little for their partners, us! The old economy is one million times better than the dot com greedy bastards.

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