What Domains Does Go Daddy Promote? (.Co No1, .Org & .Com Follow, .Biz & .US Absent)

godaddyGo Daddy has been using different homepages for different countries and different languages for quite some time now. So I thought about going to all homepages and checking what domain name extensions Go Daddy is promoting. Go Daddy is the biggest registrar in the world so what is on its homepage could make or break an extension.

There are 42 different regions that someone can choose from at Go Daddy. Continue reading

DomainNameSales.com: Integration With Uniregistry And New Documents.link

dns_brokersDomainNameSales.com issued an announcement to inform users of upcoming changes between now and Q1 2015.

Frank Schilling has had more than 12 million in sales up to now in 2014.

With the completion of Uniregistry the development team has turned to the integration of the sales platform. In a few short months DNS will debut inside Uniregistry. Regardless of where your names live, you’ll soon be able to load names into the Uniregistry manager to better manage and sell your domain names.

Uniregistry’s Documents.link feature (debuting this week), will let you store documents, legal notices and sales inquiries relating to domain-names — all inside the Uniregistry Manager. This useful system lets you email, store and maintain notifications received from outside parties using Uniregistry and the Amazon cloud. Continue reading

ResellerClub Launches a Pre-Registration Grabber For New gTLDs

newgtldWith several new gTLDs entering General Availability every week, domain registrar, ResellerClub has introduced a bunch of new features to help its clients focus specifically on reselling new gTLDs. The company recently launched a Pre-Registration grabber for all new gTLDs, allowing resellers to pre-book a domain name before it was available in general availability.

According to statistics released by the company, the ResellerClub Pre-Registration tool has had a consistently high success rate in the 2 months since its launch. For instance, .WEBSITE domains entered General Availability last week, and over 90% Continue reading

New Domains, Growing Pains And The .Sexy Bus

sexy-bus-adUniregistry has 2 buses going around Los Angeles, California with a .Sexy ad on them: http://areyou.sexy.

The ad was a great idea as it will increase New gTLD recognition to all kinds of people on the street. People that don’t know anything about domain names or know very little but  do visit websites everyday. I also love the color of the bus, the enormous size and the minimality of the ad. No photos, graphics or logos. Just a domain name.

But I do see a few problems with the ad and one of them is the “http://” part. When asked, Frank Schilling said that it was added in the ad because “most people will visit from iphones.. Mobile Safari doesn’t support .sexy without http yet. Early days. We’re all pioneers.”.

But “http://” is typed by hardly anyone anymore in the address bar of browsers. I think that only a few people still type it and these are the people that were first online in the 90s and Netscape would not work without “http://”.

Most of the people these days will not type Continue reading

GoDaddy Releases 2 New TV Commercials (videos)

godaddyGoDaddy launched a new 2014 advertising campaign with 2 new television commercials, online and print advertising and social media engagements. The rollout is part of GoDaddy’s overall mission to target small business owners. The new fall campaign follows the company’s strategic marketing shift, moving away from simple brand awareness to targeting small business owners about how GoDaddy’s products and services can make them more successful.

“Over the last year, under new leadership, GoDaddy has updated its products, including its Website Builder, online productivity tools and domain name offerings, in ways specifically designed to make the business of doing business easier, especially for small business owners who require ease-of-use and streamlined services.”

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Uniregistry Starts Integration With DomainNameSales.com With ‘Uniregistry Tracker’

uniregistryUniregistry is working on the first phase of integration between the DomainNameSales.com platform and the Uniregistry registrar. A new utility called Uniregistry Tracker where you can track your domain names for free was introduced yesterday.

Using the Uniregistry Tracker you can receive updates and keep track of domain names. Now you can track the location and expiration date of each of your domain names, regardless of registrar, and transfer/consolidate them to Uniregistry. To use the Uniregistry Tracker you need an account at Uniregistry.

The Uniregistry registrar offers Continue reading

Rightside Announces 2 Additions to Board of Directors

rightsideRightside Group, Ltd. (Nasdaq:NAME), today announced the appointment of Diane Irvine and Shawn Colo to its Board of Directors.

“Diane has directly relevant executive and board-level experience with public companies that are leaders in ecommerce and online marketing,” said Taryn Naidu, Chief Executive Officer of Rightside. “I have worked with Shawn for more than eight years, and he brings critical experience in evaluating strategies and opportunities for growth in the domain name industry. Both new members will be great assets to me and to our board.”

David E. Panos, Chairman of the Rightside Board of Directors, commented, “We are pleased that Diane and Shawn are joining our board. Their knowledge and experience will complement that of our current directors. Both bring substantial financial expertise and general management experience to Rightside, and they are well-suited for a company focused on growth. Our board and management team look forward to their leadership and involvement.”

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GoDaddy Acquires Email Marketing Company Mad Mimi

GoDaddy announced today that it has acquired Mad Mimi, which helps small businesses connect with customers through simple, beautiful and effective email marketing.

Mad Mimi’s easy-to-use applications, empathetic and knowledgeable customer care, and robust technology platform made the company a perfect fit for GoDaddy and its expanded offerings to small businesses. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

With the combination of GoDaddy and Mad Mimi, GoDaddy customers can easily collect customer information and add fresh content on their website, improving customer engagement and search engine optimization.

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Frank Schilling: “This is one of the most exciting times in naming since the large scale adoption of .com names”

Uniregistry registrar sent out a press release to promote the New gTLDs that are available to register.

The press release talks about the dozens of New gTLDs and mainly promotes Uniregistry’s strings: .guitars, .sexy, .link, .pics and .photo.

“As the Internet has evolved, name endings have shifted from original extensions like .gov and .mil, for government and military, to the ubiquitous .com for commerce,” said Frank Schilling, managing director of Uniregistry. “Since that time, many of the most marketable .com domain names have been taken, making it harder for people and businesses to register a great available name at a low price. New domain names provide a greenfield of choices and an opportunity to register logical, good and obvious name alternatives at low prices.”

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Minds + Machines Registrar Security Breach

I was informed by a reader that there was a security breach today at the Minds + Machines registrar.

An email was sent at approximately 12:00 UTC on August 11, 2014 from one of the Minds + Machines customer support email accounts redirecting customers to link with a false Google Drive account page. If you have a Gmail account and you entered your details, please immediately change your Gmail account password.

Minds + Machines believe that one of their customer service representatives computers may have been compromised.

All email addresses to which this email was sent are Continue reading