GoDaddy Releases 2 New TV Commercials (videos)

godaddyGoDaddy launched a new 2014 advertising campaign with 2 new television commercials, online and print advertising and social media engagements. The rollout is part of GoDaddy’s overall mission to target small business owners. The new fall campaign follows the company’s strategic marketing shift, moving away from simple brand awareness to targeting small business owners about how GoDaddy’s products and services can make them more successful.

“Over the last year, under new leadership, GoDaddy has updated its products, including its Website Builder, online productivity tools and domain name offerings, in ways specifically designed to make the business of doing business easier, especially for small business owners who require ease-of-use and streamlined services.”

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Uniregistry Starts Integration With With ‘Uniregistry Tracker’

uniregistryUniregistry is working on the first phase of integration between the platform and the Uniregistry registrar. A new utility called Uniregistry Tracker where you can track your domain names for free was introduced yesterday.

Using the Uniregistry Tracker you can receive updates and keep track of domain names. Now you can track the location and expiration date of each of your domain names, regardless of registrar, and transfer/consolidate them to Uniregistry. To use the Uniregistry Tracker you need an account at Uniregistry.

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Rightside Announces 2 Additions to Board of Directors

rightsideRightside Group, Ltd. (Nasdaq:NAME), today announced the appointment of Diane Irvine and Shawn Colo to its Board of Directors.

“Diane has directly relevant executive and board-level experience with public companies that are leaders in ecommerce and online marketing,” said Taryn Naidu, Chief Executive Officer of Rightside. “I have worked with Shawn for more than eight years, and he brings critical experience in evaluating strategies and opportunities for growth in the domain name industry. Both new members will be great assets to me and to our board.”

David E. Panos, Chairman of the Rightside Board of Directors, commented, “We are pleased that Diane and Shawn are joining our board. Their knowledge and experience will complement that of our current directors. Both bring substantial financial expertise and general management experience to Rightside, and they are well-suited for a company focused on growth. Our board and management team look forward to their leadership and involvement.”

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GoDaddy Acquires Email Marketing Company Mad Mimi

GoDaddy announced today that it has acquired Mad Mimi, which helps small businesses connect with customers through simple, beautiful and effective email marketing.

Mad Mimi’s easy-to-use applications, empathetic and knowledgeable customer care, and robust technology platform made the company a perfect fit for GoDaddy and its expanded offerings to small businesses. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

With the combination of GoDaddy and Mad Mimi, GoDaddy customers can easily collect customer information and add fresh content on their website, improving customer engagement and search engine optimization.

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Frank Schilling: “This is one of the most exciting times in naming since the large scale adoption of .com names”

Uniregistry registrar sent out a press release to promote the New gTLDs that are available to register.

The press release talks about the dozens of New gTLDs and mainly promotes Uniregistry’s strings: .guitars, .sexy, .link, .pics and .photo.

“As the Internet has evolved, name endings have shifted from original extensions like .gov and .mil, for government and military, to the ubiquitous .com for commerce,” said Frank Schilling, managing director of Uniregistry. “Since that time, many of the most marketable .com domain names have been taken, making it harder for people and businesses to register a great available name at a low price. New domain names provide a greenfield of choices and an opportunity to register logical, good and obvious name alternatives at low prices.”

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Minds + Machines Registrar Security Breach

I was informed by a reader that there was a security breach today at the Minds + Machines registrar.

An email was sent at approximately 12:00 UTC on August 11, 2014 from one of the Minds + Machines customer support email accounts redirecting customers to link with a false Google Drive account page. If you have a Gmail account and you entered your details, please immediately change your Gmail account password.

Minds + Machines believe that one of their customer service representatives computers may have been compromised.

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Go Daddy’s New gTLD Domain Registration Bug Discovered By Customer

Last week I wrote about a Go Daddy customer that was complaining that he registered 2 .xyz domains in June and Go Daddy removed the 2 domains from his account in July and registered the domains under some other name.

Yesterday the Go Daddy customer posted a couple of comments giving out some more details about what happened. Apparently he lost 3 domains in total. It seems that he found a bug that is triggered when you try to register more than 1 New gTLD domain name at Go Daddy and the domains have matching trademarks in the Trademark Clearinghouse. Go Daddy is supposed to give you a trademark notice for all domains but somehow it doesn’t. That results in the domains being in limbo for a few weeks. The domains don’t appear registered but are not available either. When the pending notice expires then the domains become available for everyone to register.

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Google Starts Issuing Invites To Google Domains (1st Screen Shot)

Last month, Google announced it is getting into the domain name registration business through Google Domains and offered a form to sign up to be invited. Like countless other I submitted the form but I have not heard back.

It seems that some have been invited over time but now those who have access have been given the ability to invite their friends. I believe this is coming mostly out of Google employees who have accounts with Google Domains. A few people have offered invites but all are gone in minutes.

Google Domains beta is working a lot like the initial Gmail invite system.

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My First Interaction With Go Daddy Chat Support

As you may have heard Go Daddy has discontinued the email support for some months now. They only use live chat and phone support now. They thought that email support was too slow. And it was. I usually got a first response 24 to 48 hours after I opened a ticket but the main problem was that the response was always a canned one, telling you to check the FAQ.

None of my problems were not resolved reading the FAQ, which I did read before contacting support, so I usually ended up going back an forth with the Go Daddy support for a few days until I got them to actually DO something instead of telling me “read the FAQ” or “this is not possible”. I was only getting one response per day no matter how fast I replied to them.

The other day I had a problem with a refund that I had once before a few months back. So because it was night here in Greece and the new European phone support center was closed (it is not open 24/7 as the US one) I thought about trying the Go Daddy chat support. I didn’t use the US phone support as it is very expensive to call US from Greece.

godaddy-support1You can find the chat support at the bottom right of the go Daddy support webpage. Take a look at the photo on the left.




godaddy-support2So I opened the chat support you can see on the left and got this message:

A product expert will be with you soon. Estimated wait time is 16 minutes. Thank you for your patience.


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GoDaddy & Microsoft Partner to Provide Affordable Office 365 to Small Businesses in India

GoDaddy and Microsoft today announced a long-term strategic partnership to offer Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy as its exclusive core business-class email and productivity service for small businesses in India.

Microsoft Office 365 offered through GoDaddy will give millions of small businesses access to enterprise-grade productivity solutions at an affordable price, starting at Rs. 149/month.

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