Frank Schilling comments on Uniregistry, New gTLDs and the affiliate program

Frank Schilling made a couple of comments in the past couple of weeks that I think are worth reading if you missed them.

The first one was on my post “How To Use: Uniregistry Affiliate Plus Program and Integration“:

I appreciate you and everyone getting familiar with our program. Affiliate Plus really gets more interesting and should begin to drive better conversions as more viable extensions at lower prices come out. For example next week Uniregistry launches .LINK .. This will be a $9.88 retail string with a recurring 35% commission for affiliates. .CLUB will be on offer two weeks after that, and still later, as other better extensions come out, the opportunity to earn recurring revenues will reveal itself.

In answer to the first comment, we are honestly not seeing any cannibalization “yet” on new TLDs vs existing SLD sales, in fact this should be our best March and April ever over at DNS. These have been very strong months (strangely so)

Also bear in mind that most Good names in new extensions will still be unavailable due to registry withholding, ICANN Alternative Path to Delegation (APD) lists and domain investor mining. Bringing more diamonds out of the ground does not make the price of diamonds go down.

The best use of Affiliate Plus in these early days is as a strong discounting mechanism on your own investments and if you are an affiliate marketer you will find dozens of ways to use the program to your advantage.

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ICANN sends notice of breach to

Please be advised that as of 9 April 2014, Homestead Limited dba (“Namevault”) is in
breach of its Registrar Accreditation Agreement (“RAA”) with the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) dated 8 August 2013 (“RAA”). was also sent a notice of breach last year.

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Uniregistry to Sponsor T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West 2014 at Las Vegas

Uniregistry will be sponsoring the luncheon on May 29th at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West 2014 at Las Vegas.
Here is the announcement from Rick Schwartz:
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is excited to announce that Frank Schilling’s UNIREGISTRY will be sponsoring the luncheon on Thursday, May 29th, at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West 2014 in Las Vegas.
UNIREGISTRY recognizes the immense business potential at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. By sponsoring and exhibiting at T.R.A.F.F.I.C., registrars and registries gain visibility among the most influential domain investors in the world today.
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West 2014 runs May 28 – 31 at the World Famous Bellagio Hotel.
Can you really afford to put your business on hold until 2015 just to save a few dollars? You may want to rethink that one.

3 Nights free at the Bellagio ends at 6PM TODAY!

HEXONET Now Managing Over 2 Million Domain Names for Clients, Resellers, and Registrars

HEXONET ( announced that the company has achieved the major domain name industry milestone of over 2 million domains under management. Powered by thousands of domain name resellers, from across the globe, and even more registrars outsourcing their domain operations onto HEXONET’s Registrar Operations Center (RegistrarOC) platform, domain growth continues to boom.

The company is now gaining domain names at an accelerated rate and will realize three and four million domains under management even faster than scheduled. Also fueling HEXONET’s expansion are its partnerships with companies from outside the traditional domain name sector, who want to gain access to the Continue reading

ICANN sends 2nd notice of breach to responsible for the “Domain Registry of America” scam

ICANN sends 2nd notice of breach to registrar that is responsible for the “Domain Registry of America” scam. got another notice of breach this past December which I believe that was fixed because ICANN would have deaccredited this registrar. The notice expires today.

As of 20 March 2014, BRANDON GRAY INTERNET SERVICES INC. (dba “”) (“Brandon Gray”) is in breach of its Continue reading

Go Daddy Promoting .Club Domain Names On Its Homepage

club-new-gtldI visited Go Daddy today and on it’s homepage it is promoting the New gTLD .Club domain names. On the main image it lists .com, .net, .org and .co but .net is replaced by .club below where the prices are displayed.

Below the main image there is also a banner that says “Pre-register .Club” and
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Uniregistry Starts New Domain Name Affiliate Program

Uniregistry, the new registrar by Frank Schilling, has started offering a new domain name affiliate program.

The program is called “Uniregistry Affiliate Plus” and here is the introduction:
“Making money by selling domain names just got a whole lot easier. Right now, naming on the internet is exploding, and Uniregistry is paying its affiliates generous commissions to refer customers who purchase domain names and other products. Join now to capitalize on the new internet landrush!”

Uniregistry says that you can “earn easy money promoting domain names on your website” and here are the main features:
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Outage or not, “Go Daddy Auctions” is not working for me

Yesterday Go Daddy Auctions had an outage that caused all auctions to be moved by 1 day. All yesterday’s auction end today. But I am still having problems with the Go Daddy auctions website.

I can’t seem to make any purchases for the domain names I have already won in an auction. I won 2 New gTLD domain names on Wednesday night and I have been trying to pay for the past 2 days with no luck.

Whether I select the 2 domain and click on “Purchase All” or I try to make individual purchases by clicking on “Pay for this domain” the domains are not added into my cart. I am simply redirected to
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ICANN sends notice of breach to SiliconHouse.Net registrar because of past due accreditation fees

Please be advised that as of 28 March 2014, SiliconHouse.Net Pvt Ltd. (“SiliconHouse”) is in breach of its Registrar Accreditation Agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) dated 26 April 2011 (“RAA”).  This breach results from:

• SiliconHouse’s failure to pay past due accreditation fees pursuant to Section 3.9 of the

ICANN requests that SiliconHouse cure the breach by 18 April 2014, 15 working days from
the date of this letter, by taking the following actions:

• Pay all past due accreditation fees of Continue reading

Go Daddy Auctions 150 BuyDomains Premium Domains:,,

Go Daddy is running a BuyDomains domain name auction that features 150 premium domains with low reserves. The auction started yesterday March 26 2014.The list features domain names such as,, and

Most of the domains have a registration date ranging from 1994 up to 2004.

Here is the list of the 150 domain names: Continue reading