Beware Of Network Solutions Domain Expiration Dates

network_solutionsI was transferring some domains out of Network Solutions, like I always do, when I noticed that a domain I didn’t intent to transfer out, as it was expiring in 2 years, was instead expiring in a few days in my NS control panel.

All domains I have with Network Solutions are domains won in auctions at Namejet. I have not registered on renewed a domain in Network Solutions and I don’t intent to. Network Solutions is a company that Continue reading Plans Important Changes

gtldsRegistrar, that was recently bought by CentralNic Group PLC, has planned some important changes in the near future.

It will soon be offering domains under several new TLD extensions including select new gTLDs and .me. has not yet signed the 2013 RAA (Registrar Accreditation Agreement) that allows registrars to offer New gTLDs but I guess that is about to change soon.

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Moniker Is Oblivious As Usual To The Disaster And Blames the Heartbleed Bug

monikerJust like after it changed its control panel Moniker is once again issuing a statement that solves none of the problems. And it can’t solve any of the problems because they don’t admit that there is an underlying problem: their new system.

I bet you all have heard of the massive hacking attack on Moniker. It was successful and many domains have been reported as stolen including domains such as

Moniker, in an email today, claims that the Heartbleed Bug caused the system vulnerabilities.

They also said what seems to be completely not true: Continue reading

Domain Cost Club Offers Domains At-Cost With A $99 Fee Per Year (video)

gtldsICANN Accredited registrar Domain Cost Club starts a new club to provide domains at wholesale price to its members. Starting from October 2014, the registrar will accept new members.
All domain registrars buy domains at exactly the same price from registries, and then sell them to end-users at a higher price to make a profit. Domain Cost Club launched in October 2014 is changing this model by introducing at-cost pricing to its members.

Members of Domain Cost Club are assured to get the cheapest Continue reading

How To Check If Any Of Your Domains Have Been Stolen From Moniker

monikerYesterday Moniker send emails to all its users with new passwords and asked them to change the passwords immediately. It was later reported that this was done after a massive hacking that resulted in many valuable domain names being stolen from various Moniker accounts.

First of all I must say that I can’t believe that no one at Moniker noticed that a single IP logged into thousands of accounts. Is there anyone over at Moniker? This is a major flag that went unnoticed. This went on for 2 weeks that gave the thieves plenty of time to transfer out any domains the wanted.

Of course if you own a very small number of domains you can check whois and then check if the domain is in your Moniker account. But if you have thousands of domains it is not that easy.

First of all you should Continue reading

Tucows Launches The ‘New’ OpenSRS and Hover Reduces Domain Prices

opensrsAfter months in development, OpenSRS has finally launched their new website. According to OpenSRS the transition from the old website to the new one, was a success.

Tucows Inc. ,headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, is one of the largest domain registrars and operates Hover, a domain and webhosting service, and OpenSRS, a platform for domain resellers.

Everything was redesigned from the ground up. Here is what to expect at the new OpenSRS: Continue reading

Buying Domains in GoDaddy’s Aftermarket (video)

godaddyGo Daddy Aftermarket had it’s first Google hangout called “Buying Valuable Domains in GoDaddy’s Aftermarket”. The hangout was aimed “For anyone whose first domain choice was already registered, let’s look at the different ways in which you can acquire that perfect domain.”.

One thing I have to mention before you watch the video below is that Go Daddy promotes its domain buy service that costs $69.99 plus a commission that is pretty much useless. Continue reading

What Domains Does Go Daddy Promote? (.Co No1, .Org & .Com Follow, .Biz & .US Absent)

godaddyGo Daddy has been using different homepages for different countries and different languages for quite some time now. So I thought about going to all homepages and checking what domain name extensions Go Daddy is promoting. Go Daddy is the biggest registrar in the world so what is on its homepage could make or break an extension.

There are 42 different regions that someone can choose from at Go Daddy. Continue reading Integration With Uniregistry And New issued an announcement to inform users of upcoming changes between now and Q1 2015.

Frank Schilling has had more than 12 million in sales up to now in 2014.

With the completion of Uniregistry the development team has turned to the integration of the sales platform. In a few short months DNS will debut inside Uniregistry. Regardless of where your names live, you’ll soon be able to load names into the Uniregistry manager to better manage and sell your domain names.

Uniregistry’s feature (debuting this week), will let you store documents, legal notices and sales inquiries relating to domain-names — all inside the Uniregistry Manager. This useful system lets you email, store and maintain notifications received from outside parties using Uniregistry and the Amazon cloud. Continue reading

ResellerClub Launches a Pre-Registration Grabber For New gTLDs

newgtldWith several new gTLDs entering General Availability every week, domain registrar, ResellerClub has introduced a bunch of new features to help its clients focus specifically on reselling new gTLDs. The company recently launched a Pre-Registration grabber for all new gTLDs, allowing resellers to pre-book a domain name before it was available in general availability.

According to statistics released by the company, the ResellerClub Pre-Registration tool has had a consistently high success rate in the 2 months since its launch. For instance, .WEBSITE domains entered General Availability last week, and over 90% Continue reading