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Sedo/GreatDomains Auction Results (January 2016)

The first Sedo/GreatDomains auction in 2016 ended and the top sale was the domain name gwh.com for 57,306 $US.

Please find the full results below:

Domain Name Max. Bid Currency
gwh.com 57,306 $US
vkn.com 24,900 $US
4820.com 12,501 EUR
leasing.co.uk 9,999 $US
wlsb.com 1,950 $US
macau.tv 1,509 EUR
zit.net 1,150 EUR
buecherei.de 755 EUR
1280.net 709 EUR
vehs.com 605 EUR
tkla.com 425 EUR
rske.com 422 $US
tqqi.com 400 $US
ffk.co 351 $US
oszu.com 332 $US
orqi.com 321 $US
vldd.com 320 EUR
pyac.com 311 EUR
yuoj.com 310 $US
nzsu.com 302 $US
ofyq.com 282 $US
lccl.net 280 $US
ukfz.com 270 EUR
milliondollar.info 109 $US

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  1. milliondollarinfo didnt quite deliver on the promise from the domain name maybe should have been called justafewdollars.info not the best of results imho

  2. To my surprise 4820.com domain worth is whooping high in my opinion. Like shane said above, milliondollar.info didn’t work out much for seller. I think if it would have been a milliondollar.com, the results would have been way different.

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