2023 domain name trends

Escrow.com revealed exclusive platform data highlighting the top domain name trends for the year of 2023.

The new data covers key aspects such as popular top-level domains (TLDs), average prices, and unique trends observed over the year.

*Key Highlights of 2023:*

  • Over 8,500 domain transactions through Escrow.com
  • More than US$300M worth of domains were transacted through Escrow.com
  • Average domain name price stood at US$35,455

*Emerging Trends and Popular TLDs:*

  • In no surprise, dominance of .com TLD continues, followed by .ai and .io
  • Significant 210% growth in .ai domains, driven by the surge in generative AI technology
  • .io domains experienced a 16% decrease compared to 2022, falling to the third position

*Additional Insights:*

  • 226 unique TLDs transacted in 2023, a slight decrease (-6%) from 2022
  • The year’s longest domain name contained 32 letters
  • Longest TLDs contained 10 letter, including .associates, .foundation, .properties, and .technology

Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of Escrow.com,  shared:
“While we didn’t see venture capital funding return at the levels it was in 2021-VC funding is a driver of domain activity- we did see strong interest in artificial intelligence related domains.

Interest in .ai domains surged this year as businesses started rushing to cement their names in this space and we had marquee sales of names like prompt.com and chat.com.

We expect this trend to continue in 2024 and we’re likely to see a new wave of venture funding pouring into AI startups, which we believe will set new records for prices.”


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