Was Dynadot hacked?

Yesterday, June 15th, Dynadot had some downtime on its website. They also asked all customers to reset their passwords.

Was Dynadot hacked? Dynadot is not yet sure what has happened and they are working with cyber security experts.

This incident only comes a few days after this blog post by Dynadot: “The Dynadot Difference: Trust, Transparency, & Stability“.

Something feels odd here or maybe it is just me…

The only thing I can say is that Dynadot support has been a lot less than stellar lately.

Here is what Dynadot announced today:

“Yesterday, during one of our routine security checks, our system noticed irregular activity. Our team followed protocol and took down our website to secure all accounts and domains while they investigated. Out of abundance of caution, we also required all customers to reset their passwords for an extra layer of security. Once the team investigated and determined there was not a threat we brought our website back online. We understand that this was extremely inconvenient but account security is a top priority at Dynadot.

Moving forward, we have partnered with cyber security experts to help us further investigate and strengthen our cyber security protection. At this time we do not have any additional information on the incident as we are still investigating. We will notify our customers if any noteworthy information comes to light during our investigation.”


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  1. Exactly i got also this email

    During one of our routine security checks, our system noticed irregular activity. To ensure account security and mitigate any potential issues, we request you change your password.

    To change the password for sakthimicro, please click the link below:
    Change my password

    If you are concerned or would like to add additional security measures, we recommend adding a second layer.

    Any specific account that we notice any irregularities in will be contacted by our management team.

    Best Regards,
    Dynadot Support Team
    (account sakthimicro)”
    already open ticket for this case but not response from Dynadot

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