The CENTR Board suspends Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ’s membership

The CENTR Board is following Russian military actions in Ukraine with concern and strongly condemns the violation of international law and Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Ukraine’s national TLD registry is a member of CENTR and CENTR stands with Ukrainians in their efforts to resist Russia’s invasion. CENTR hopes for a swift and peaceful resolution of the conflict, and they will continue to offer support and help to their Ukrainian colleagues.

Knowledge and information sharing are key to CENTR’s mission, and the CENTR Board needs to safeguard trust within the CENTR community. The Board has therefore decided to suspend the membership of the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ, effective immediately. The Board would like to underline that this is in no way targeted at their Russian colleagues. This suspension will be assessed by the CENTR General Assembly at their meeting in March.


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  1. “Knowledge and information sharing are key to CENTR’s mission”. So it’s the news CENTR or who knows but can be “fake news CENTR” with only one polus opinion. Very dangerous trend and domain registrars are already involved in dirty politics games.

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