NamesCon auction adds another 19 new domains (total is now 97)

19 new domains were added in the past few days in the NamesCon auction but the auction list is still pretty week with only about 10 days left until the live auction.

Some domains are very hard for me to see in the list. Seriously?

.ICU??? Really?

I see a few domains in the auction were registered in 2019 and 2020 and that just doesn’t seem right for a premium auction like this. I hope there are many more names being listed soon.

See here the 19 new domains:

You are able to bid on domain names on the GoDaddy Auctions website and on the GoDaddy Investor app. You can see the reserves if you go into the domain details.

Pre-bidding began on August 10th, which will determine the final names to be auctioned live. Then, during the final two days of NamesCon Online, the live auction takes place across two one-hour sessions. The NamesCon Online conference runs from September 9 to September 11 2020.

The NamesCon domain name auction is live at GoDaddy Auctions. You can use the drop down on the popular searches to navigate to the “NamesCon 2020 Auction” listings.

Here are all 97 domains currently in the NamesCon auction: (sorted by ascending creation date except for the last 9 domains)

Most domains in the auction are .com. There are also a few .net, .org, .co, .uk, .eu, .es, .io and .tv domains. About 30 domains in the auction are from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio.

If you have premium names to submit for auction the GoDaddy team is ready for your submissions now.


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  1. I submitted to them a few one word .io’s (good quality) and two number .io , certainly much better than .icu.
    So not sure why they seem to be actively anti .io , i see only one .io on the list and boat load of .icu ( probably one of the worst extensions in my opinion )

  2. Thanks for giving us an easy to scan -plain text list- of domains.
    Going to GoDaddy’s slow-loading website to view these domains on a table, page by page, wasn’t an enjoyable experience.

  3. It’s a sad commentary that a typo of a federal law enforcement agency is considered appropriate for this auction. The US Marshals Service is located at USMarshals .gov, but I would imagine you could run an interesting scam out of USMarshall .com.

  4. Very very very bad domains- don’t think they will sell.

    Where can I submit my domains?

    Magna cum laude
    Graduate of Domain King Academy

    MBA-My Big Ass(all of you have one)
    PHD-people having dickheads

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