NamesCon online auction is changing!

At last some long deserving change is coming at the NamesCon domain name auction.

NamesCon Online will feature an online auction conducted by GoDaddy. No middle men, no outsourced auction houses. You will be able to bid on domain names on the GoDaddy Auctions website and on the GoDaddy Investor app.

The format is a bit different than NamesCon regulars might be used to, and the action starts very soon. Beginning August 10th, bidding opens on a wide range of premium names on the GoDaddy auction platform. The NamesCon Online Auction will run until September 10th.

The NamesCon Online conference runs from September 9 to September 11 2020.

If you have premium names to submit for auction the GoDaddy team is ready for your submissions now.

Premium domains are submitted through the form for consideration by GoDaddy for inclusion in the online auction. Pre-bidding begins August 10th, which will determine the final names to be auctioned live. Then, during the final two days of NamesCon Online, the live auction takes place across two one-hour sessions.

“Pre-bidding begins August 10th, which will determine the final names to be auctioned live.” This part seems to be open for manipulation. Let’s hope GoDaddy has a plan to prevent this.


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  1. It’s about time the domain auction format changed to in-house only!

  2. I have wasted days and have given up trying to get a domain into a GoDaddy auction, as they want A records changed and time sucking hours that never get a domain into their auction. So, is this going to be simple or take to learn the high hurdles to get a domain into the auction? I have not found one honest place.

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