CentralNic purchased premium domain name portfolios worth £2.5 million

CentralNic announced that on 8th January 2018 it completed the purchase of a number of portfolios of premium domain names with .com as their suffix, for an aggregate consideration of £2.5 million, satisfied from the Company’s own cash resources.

Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic, said: “CentralNic is delighted to have replenished its inventory of premium domains for trading, with these portfolios of mid-priced domains obtained at an attractive discount to current market rates.  The market for these domains is relatively liquid, and trading in them leverages the Company’s global distribution capabilities and adds to the Company’s diversified revenue strategy.”

No more details were given as to how many the portfolios were, the number of domains and from who or what companies these were bought from.


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Konstantinos studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London and lives in Athens, Greece. He works on domain names, websites and software development. Has been online since 1995 & domaining since 2002.


  1. Thanks for the article Konstantinos. Just curious, do we know how many domains was in this transaction?



  2. They stole hotel.kr.com from us they are a very untrustworthy company

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