The people have spoken: Domaining Europe going to Rome in 2018?

Before Domaining Europe 2017 in Berlin was over Dietmar Stefitz asked the attendees where they wanted to have Domaining Europe 2018.

Attendees decided that next year they wanted to go to Rome, Italy.

Then Dietmar asked people online on Twitter if they wanted next year’s Domaining Europe to be held in Valencia, Rome, Brussels or London. The decision was again the same: Rome for 2018!

I also voted for Rome. I have been to all 4 cities in the poll and Rome has the best food and weather. (Along with Valencia of course but we were there in 2015.)

BTW what about Greece? 🙂 Maybe in 2019?

Now it is up to Dietmar to make the ultimate decision for 2018.

You can see photos from the Domaining Europe 2017 days 1 & 2 and day 3.


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  1. Thank you Konstantinos for the updates. I wanted to ask about the end of event auction, it seems like no one cared enough to write anything about it. care to share what happened there, was there an actual public auction and did anyone make any bids? Also, how do you feel about the way Undeveloped set up the auction end time? You’d think a “Domaining Europe” auction would end at the public auction at the event otherwise it really has nothing to do with the event except in the name. Would you advise Undeveloped to do things differently the next time around? maybe start it 2-3 weeks before the event, and end it at the event’s public auction so bidders there and online would be encouraged to bid since they’ll know on the spot whether they’ve won the domain or not, instead of having to wait for weeks to find out the result. The current arrangement feels weird to me.

  2. and what about istanbul?:) we have a regional ICANN office here.

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