.NYC to auction 24 fashion related domain names (Fashion.nyc,Shop.nyc)

Auctions.nyc and the City of New York will have their 2nd auction of premium .NYC domains.

This time 24 fashion related domain names like Fashion.nyc, Shop.nyc and Makeup.nyc will be auctioned at Snapnames.com.

The .NYC Fashion Auction runs from February 1 to February 28, 2017 to coincide with the most famous fashion week events in the world.

The first auction of premium .NYC domains featured 20 domain names associated with real estate and was on Namejet. RealEstate.nyc was the top selling domain name getting a $21,300 winning bid. Apartments.nyc also got a 5-figure bid with $16,155. 19 out of 20 domains were sold for a total of $70,650.

Premium .nyc domains are released to auction in batches of similarly themed names. .NYC has more auctions lined up, each with a different theme.

Here is the list of the 24 fashion related .nyc domain names to be auctioned in February 2017:

  • Apparel.nyc
  • Boots.nyc
  • Boutique.nyc
  • Bras.nyc
  • Clothes.nyc
  • Couture.nyc
  • Deals.nyc
  • Designer.nyc
  • Fashion.nyc
  • Jewelry.nyc
  • Lingerie.nyc
  • Makeup.nyc
  • Models.nyc
  • Photographer.nyc
  • Rings.nyc
  • Runway.nyc
  • Salon.nyc
  • Shirts.nyc
  • Shoes.nyc
  • Shop.nyc
  • Sneakers.nyc
  • Stylist.nyc
  • Suits.nyc
  • Swimsuit.nyc


  • Wednesday, February 1st: Auctions open
  • Tuesday, February 28th: Auctions close

The starting bid prices have not been announced but will probably be set at the same prices as the last auction at $500.

Only businesses, organizations and individuals with a physical address in the five boroughs were eligible to bid and register these premium .nyc domain names.

The 1st auction was not devoid of drama as the domain Home.nyc was accidentally released before the auction and later replaced with Homes.nyc.


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  1. Oh, good timing. Actually really good marketing move on Neustar part.

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