Epik announces support for Bitcoin domain name transactions

Epik Holdings, Inc. today announced it has integrated Bitcoin as a supported method for payment and disbursement.

Effective immediately, customers may pay for domain registrations, marketplace purchases, escrow, SSL certificates, web development, hosting and other services using Bitcoin, in addition to credit card, Paypal, Masterbucks and bank transfer. Customers may also disburse proceeds to Bitcoin at the prevailing exchange rate. As a special promotion, customers who fund their Epik account during October with a Bitcoin deposit will have a 10% matching bonus added to their account with 24 hours.

“We know of no domain registrar that has a more consistent and proven record of protecting registrants than Epik. We look forward to becoming the preferred online registrar worldwide for citizens of the world that have embraced Bitcoin as a method of payment and who also value the assurance of having their domains held securely by an accredited full-service registrar with an unmatched record of keeping domain assets safe and secure,” explained Rob Monster, Founder and CEO of Epik.

Epik is a full-service, all-inclusive domain name registrar that is “committed to protecting the interests of registrants through such practices as free whois privacy, commission-free marketplace, and free advisory services for customers navigating intellectual property inquiries.”

Epik Explains Why Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the digital currency loved by geeks that is steadily gaining mainstream adoption as an alternative method of payment. Due to its breakthrough Blockchain technology, it serves as borderless digital cash, which can be typically transmitted without fees to sender or receiver. For some, it has become a preferred payment method. Technology progress and brand acceptance has made Bitcoin a practical method of payment warranting inclusion in a modern shopping cart.

Bitcoin, also known as the “frictionless currency”, allows instantaneous payments globally without payment processing fees. It eliminates intermediaries such as banks, which charge a fee on every transaction, and makes it easy to send funds in any denomination. All you need is a digital wallet and the cryptographic payment address. There are no forms to fill, no sharing of sensitive data, and no risk of unauthorized charges through a saved payment method. For the merchant, there is the added assurance of no chargebacks, e.g. due to a purchase being made using a stolen credit card.

“In the last seven years Bitcoin has evolved from a geek experiment to a reliable alternative to traditional systems. As the world changes, Epik must stay up to date with new trends to satisfy its highly demanding customer base. Epik is a bank for digital names. And now we have a digital coin,” elaborated Matheus Leite, Director of Product Management, who led and managed the implementation.


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