.CLUB will no longer recapture and reserve deleting domain names

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Starting October 1, .CLUB will no longer recapture and reserve deleting domain names as the registry

As you may know, in the past, as a registry .club has often recovered certain valuable deleting names and reserved them for release as tiered premium names through the registrar channel.

The registry has heard from many in the domain investing community who would prefer for such names to naturally flow through the deleting and dropping process, remain available for all drop catching services, and if not picked up then enter general availability.

So effective October 1st, .Club will no longer recapture deleting names as the registry. But names that were previously Registry Reserved that happen to drop and delete, would be again be reserved.
The list of dropping .club domains for October 1 has domains such as:
  • Blaster.club
  • DreamBig.club
  • Immediate.club
  • MicroFunding.club
  • OMS.club
  • RZN.club
… and many more.  In the coming days some 3 and 4 number names are dropping.
You can download a 5-day list of expiring and deleting names at www.get.club/availablilty (updated daily).

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