.NYC has another 6 domain name auctions lined up

Last week the 1st premium .NYC domain name auction was announced. Starting October 24, 20 .nyc domain names associated with Living in NYC will be available to New Yorkers via online auction on Namejet.

.NYC has another 6 auctions lined up, each with a different theme.

On Friday the domain Home.nyc was registered for $30 because of a glitch at the .nyc registry and the owner get’s to keep the domain. Home.nyc was part of the 1st auction but has since been replaced by the domain name Homes.nyc.


  • Living (Click here to see all 20 domains in the auction)
  • Fashion (Couture.nyc, Runway.nyc, Shoes.nyc, Stylist.nyc)
  • Tech in the City (Angel.nyc, Dev.nyc, Startup.nyc, Web.nyc)
  • Taste of NYC (Bagels.nyc, Cheesecake.nyc, Kosher.nyc, Sushi.nyc)
  • NYC Makers (Artist.nyc, Create.nyc, Make.nyc, Sew.nyc)
  • Nightlife (Bars.nyc, Nightlife.nyc, Social.nyc, Theaters.nyc)
  • Getting Around (Blackcar.nyc, Commute.nyc, Rides.nyc, Shuttle.nyc)

*Auction dates and .nyc premium names are subject to change. All auctions will be confirmed and announced 30 days prior to auction close.


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