Top 12 Reasons “Why Chinese TLDs Are Great For Brands & Businesses”

Chop Chop Domains published the top 12 reasons why fully-Chinese domain names are a powerful tool for brands and businesses.

Here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • Establishing a website or service with a fully Chinese domain name shows commitment to Chinese audiences — consumers, customers, partners, the media, and government regulators. It tangibly demonstrates your desire to offer a completely Chinese information service.
  • Your fully-Chinese web address eliminates the cognitive dissonance between your URL and your localized Chinese brand name.
  • Your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is enhanced, because your URLs will perfectly match your localized Chinese brand names and messages.
  • Fully-Chinese URLs accelerate the uptake of the Chinese web for new netizens, with particularly good ease of use for rural people and cashed-up “silver surfers” (senior citizens).
  • Entering fully-Chinese web addresses on smartphones, tablets and Windows 8 PCs (using ubiquitous Chinese handwriting recognition) is much easier and faster than typing English web addresses.

Read all 12 reasons here.

Chop Chop Domains also published an article called “Reach More Chinese Consumers With Relevant Domain Endings“.

On users can find and buy Chinese domain names easily, even if they don’t speak Chinese. In particular, the Premium Name search filter allows users to search English translation keywords among 42 categories, or by domain keyword in Simplified Chinese or pinyin, by popularity, and by price range.


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