Chinese Domaining: The Number One (1)

TLD Registry, the registry of Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) top level domains, and is releasing the 8th installment of their Chinese Domaining Masterclass blog series.

Here are the previous seven installments:

1: 一; Pinyin: Yī

The number one is non-divisible, and much like an apple, it cannot be broken down into two pieces without first cutting it open. This analogy denotes the fact that the number one is strong and cannot be moved without breaking it down. Throughout Chinese history, the number one continues to stand as a symbol of unity, wholeness, and concentration.

The Mandarin spelling and pronunciation for the number one is “yi,” or “yao” and the Cantonese spelling and pronunciation for the number one is “jat.” There are actually two ways of pronouncing “one,” which creates many different sound-alikes. The most common are “want,” “invite,” “to come,” and “you (in the familiar form).”

  • The noun sound-a-likes for the number one are: rumor and goblin
  • The verb sound-a-likes for the number one are: shout, demand, scoop, bite, and shake
  • The adjective sound-a-likes for the number one are: small, gentle, distant, important

Domain Sales

Some top-selling numeric sales over the past several years that include the number one:


Available Domain Names

There are plenty of available domain names for sale in for both general availability and premium name prices that include the number one. Some examples include:


Please read the rest of the very interesting article here.
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  1. Wait, there are still dumbasses who invest in numerics? LOL

    I see that flood of sale threads on namepros has already started – so much worthless junk is being dumped.
    Not just 7N (and longer) in com but even crap like 5N+ info/co/biz/whatever, but also numerics in ch/rs/eu/cloud/othershit, 5L, NNLLL…


    So much money wasted on worthless crap that right now they can’t even sell for $1 – so many brainwashed sheep who thought the party will go on forever. Instead of dumping their worthless names right after the buyouts they actually bought MORE, on namepros, on expiring auctions, namejet etc.

    I can only imagine how many millions those companies earned in the last 12 months for the names that wouldn;t be registered even for a reg fee before.

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